Guardian Traffic Systems

Traffic Spikes and Road Blockers

Guardian Traffic Systems road blockers / traffic spikes are used to control access to or from military bases, car parks, corporate parking facilities, gated communities, hospitals, universities, car rental agencies, airport parking and ground transportation. The Guardian product line is the most extensive, well engineered and best built product for effective and economical controlled access.

Guardian Traffic Systems tire spike units are available in either surface mount or in-ground applications. Our tire spike units utilize a proprietary spring-loaded counter balance technology ensuring spikes return to their upright position. Our tire spikes systems are designed for reliability and low maintenance providing years of dependable service.

Cobra and King Cobra Traffic Spike Systems

The COBRA and KING COBRA share many attributes as leaders in Surface Mount and In-Ground traffic control, but also have their own unique benefits. Both offer nearly indestructible top plates handling extreme vehicle axle weight ratios. Our top down design allows for the easiest maintenance in the market, the curved spike teeth allow for smooth correct way traffic, while the fish hook bard rips tires when traveling against entry.

The COBRA is designed especially for standard traffic flow (SUV's, trucks, vans, sports cars and passenger vehicles). The KING COBRA is extra heavy-duty designed for military, government, commercial and residential use, 'the king of traffic spikes.

Enforcer / Protector - Motorized traffic spike systems

Guardian's ENFORCER and PROTECTOR motorized traffic spike systems provide reliable access traffic control by electro-mechanically moving the teeth up to an active or secured position, and then down to allow unrestricted passage to authorized vehicles. The self-contained modular system allows design flexibility combined with easy installation in manned or unmanned sites. The ENFORCER and PROTECTOR can be installed in new or existing facilities and is easily integrated with multiple access control options.

The ENFORCER and PROTECTOR are ideal for parking lots, airports, auto dealerships, car rental agencies, government installations, commercial and industrial sites or other secured locations where a high level of access control is required.

Traffic spike system accessories

Guardian Traffic Systems offers an extensive line of access control products that work in harmony with the ENFORCER / PROTECTOR series or any traffic spike systems.

Stingray - Concealed Traffic Spike Systems

Guardian Traffic Systems STINGRAY pedestrian-friendly concealed traffic spike unit is engineered and designed with below-grade spikes that will puncture the tires of offending vehicles while providing above-grade, non-penetrating teeth. The below grade tooth stays submerged until activated by wrong-way traffic. Only then is the spiked tooth deployed, puncturing the tire of the offending vehicle. The SINGRAY is ideal for shopping centers, amusement parks, HOA communities, medical facilities, commercial parking lots, schools and private communities where a large amount of pedestrian traffic exists.

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