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CA Traffic Ltd provide a wide range of technology solutions, services and software to enable accurate data collection from a dynamic traffic environment. The company’s product range includes traffic data collection, ANPR and software products.

All equipment supplied comes with a two-year, return-to-base warranty.

Infra-red ANPR camera

Setting a new benchmark in cost-effective, high performance ANPR, CA Traffic has made a substantial investment in the development of a new-generation smart ANPR camera. The Evo 8 is a completely self-contained ANPR solution, incorporating:

  • Infra-red ANPR camera for 24-hour operation
  • LED infra-red illumination
  • Optional colour overview camera
  • On-board processor and ANPR software
  • Recognition of plates from all countries
  • Recognition of plates in two lanes simultaneously
  • Wide range of wireless communications options
  • Live high-resolution digital video over gigabit Ethernet

To accompany the Evo 8, CA Traffic have also developed Evolution, an Internet-based system which offers a hosted 'off site' journey time system which you can access from your desk via a standard web browser. The system can deliver into third-party systems and data can be delivered to any other IP-based system such as internet services or mobile VMS devices. Features of the system include:

  • Simple system configuration
  • Requires no additional servers or software
  • Simple user interface and operation
  • Network configuration is not required
  • Reliable data delivery without delay through internet-based communications

Whether for journey time enforcement, intelligence, tolling or access control. EVO 8 has all the required capabilities.

Modular-based traffic engineering

Another recent development made by the company is their modular-based traffic engineering tool, the Black CAT outstation platform. This latest pioneering development is the next generation in traffic monitoring and control equipment. The product has been designed to offer maximum flexibility, being modular in design its versatility can meet changing customer and market requirements.

The Black CAT has been developed to meet various European standards such as EN 50293:2000, EN 60950-1:2006. In its simplest form, it can be used as a basic count classifier collecting data for the traffic engineer and also as a system component allowing systems to be created that can act on the information provided to drive traffic signs, such as VMS or even control the traffic through signalling.

Traffic monitoring

The company's product range includes inductive loop, pneumatic tube and radar devices to traditional vehicle count, speed and classification data. All of which can be applied to temporary or permanent installations.

CA Traffic also provide bicycle monitoring equipment, speed indication displays, and site installation services.

Vehicle data collection software systems and utilities

VDA-pro (vehicle data analyser) and VDA 2 are Windows®-based traffic data management systems, which allow data to be displayed, analysed and printed in the form of industry standard reports. VDA-pro also includes powerful functionality such as data patching and virtual site creation. The product allows data to be made available to users via a web browser.

Collect for Windows® and Palm OS allows the set-up and collect functions of all CA Traffic recorders to be accessed on a PC, notebook or palm top.

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EvoX fully integrated ANPR/CCTV Camera 25 February 2016 Building on the success of the Evo8 intelligent camera, CA Traffic has re-written the ANPR rulebook with the launch of EvoX.