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DataCollect Traffic Systems has been known for more than 13 years as a leading designer and manufacturer of mobile and permanent traffic data collection products. Non-intrusive radar based products like Speed Information Displays (SIDs), traffic counters / classifiers, and Internet based traffic management software solutions are used in traffic projects worldwide.


Capable of collecting vehicles' speed and classification data, the SDR side radar traffic classifier provides a safe and non-intrusive alternative to tube or loop based data collection equipment.

Supplied in easy to transport, rugged, weather-resistant housing, all SDRs come complete with battery, charger, standard post mounting clamps, and our Excel™ Speed Report data analysis software. The unit can be mounted to any suitable post or solid roadside fixing, and can be placed at any height from 1m to 12m.


The SDR radar traffic classifier uses the latest radar technology to provide accurate speed and length classification data for passing vehicles.

Designed to meet increasing demand for accurate, reliable and non-intrusive vehicle detection technology, the SDRpro presents traffic engineers with an advanced and practical alternative to tube or loop based classifiers.


In addition to the safety benefits of non-intrusive radar, the SDR range of radar traffic classifiers does not suffer the obvious visible nature of in-road sensors. This gives the SDR a major advantage when collecting true vehicle speeds. Detecting vehicles in both directions, the SDRpro records the arrival date and time, speed, length classification, and direction of each vehicle.

The SDR range is easy to set up on-site using a Palm Pilot PDA, and our Laser 45 unit guarantees accurate, consistent results for speed and classification.


The E-tube stick down wireless sensor is another innovative product from DataCollect. It was designed to supply a cost-effective sensor for traffic surveys.

The sensor transmits a data protocol when a wheel hits it. The energy generated from each hit is enough to power this process - no external feeder cables or connectors are needed.

A roadside receiver count station can receive data protocol from up to 20 sensors simultaneously. All the information is stored in the 128MB memory of the count station and can be downloaded via RS232, Bluetooth or GPRS.


The web-based reporting and monitoring software is the ultimate tool to setup and control a traffic data-monitoring network. Traffic data is transmitted from each location by GPRS wireless technology to a web based data server.

To generate reports, the user can choose between different tables and graphs, and is able to set-up and control traffic data collection products (like the SDR traffic classifier) via the Internet. This software enables the user to control his network of monitoring sites from any PC with Internet access.


The Digital Safety Display (DSD) is a lightweight portable road safety sign used to reinforce safety and education within our communities. The DSD has gained acceptance by its friendly presentation of a serious message. Developed to inform drivers and the community of speed behaviour, the DSD puts social pressure on them to decrease speed when required.

The sign is extremely versatile and can be deployed in minutes. It comes complete with its own tripod or optional lamppost fixing, sign surround, charger, and user guide. Supplied with Excel™ Speed Report data analysis software for quick and easy report generation, the DSD comes as a complete ready to deploy unit.

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