Laser Sensors for Traffic Control


The compact and lightweight Noptel laser sensors represent a perfect choice for a variety of tasks in traffic control and law enforcement. The ease of installation, adaptivity, multifunctionality and maintainability make the sensors attractive for both OEM system integrators and end users.

They are applicable for fixed installations and portable systems as well as for measuring both approaching and departing vehicles.

Laser pulse flight time technology

Noptel laser sensors exploit laser pulse flight time technology, which allows high-speed measurement of distances to poorly reflecting surfaces with excellent resolution.

The watertight and nitrogen-filled casing ensures reliable operation under varying temperature and environmental conditions making the sensors suitable for outdoor use in harsh environments.

Thanks to the high level of integration, sensors feature small size, high reliability and low power consumption.

CMP52 and Speeder X1 sensors

The accurate and reliable CMP52 single-beam laser sensor is feasible for a wide variety of traffic control and law enforcement applications enabling many demanding measurement tasks, including vehicle detection, LPR camera triggering, vehicle classification and speed enforcement.

The Speeder X1 laser sensor exploits dual laser transmitter, providing overlapping vehicle profile analysis for precise vehicle speed enforcement, as well as for vehicle height and length determination.

Both sensor models feature high protection level of IP67, as well as two alternative serial interfaces, RS-232 and RS-422. Furthermore, a LAN interface option is available when requested.

Sensor installation

The CMP52 and Speeder X1 sensors are typically installed above the road affixed to overpasses, bridges and gantries or on the top of a tall post just at the side of the road working one device a lane principle.

Moreover, the CMP52 sensor is used to monitor single or multiple lanes when installed on the top of a low post or tripod (mobile system) at the side of the road. In the case of monitoring multiple lanes, speeds of the vehicles driving on several lanes and both directions are measured with a single sensor.


  • Speed enforcement
    • Accurate speed measurement
    • Approaching and departing vehicles
  • Vehicle detection and counting
    • Fast LPR / ANPR camera triggering
  • Vehicle classification
    • Detailed profile measurement
    • Type, size, length, height
  • Intersection control
    • Crosswalk violation
    • Red light violation
    • Left turn occupancy
  • Queue / traffic density control
    • Congestion information
    • Tailgating information
    • Road occupancy information
    • Warning information
  • Entrance control
    • Toll road, tunnel, ferry
    • Vehicle type, size, length, height
    • Over height vehicle detection
  • Traffic information systems

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Laser Radars for Traffic Control 16 August 2016 The compact and lightweight Noptel laser radars represent a perfect choice for a variety of tasks in traffic control and law enforcement.