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Noptel - Laser Distance Sensors for Traffic Control

Noptel has developed a range of sensors for the measurement of distance using time-of-flight (TOF) technology. The CM30-family distance sensors have been developed for OEM use in products for traffic, industrial or portable applications, where the measurement of poorly reflecting targets at high speed is required.

The modules and sensors are in use in many products and in many application areas. In the road traffic industry, the sensor technology enables intelligent traffic control, as well as vehicle profile measurement, vehicle classification and speed measurement.

Time-of-flight laser measurement technology

Noptel's distance sensors use highly integrated technology; have small size, low weight and low power consumption. They are suitable for harsh environments, available in different packaging and customised operation is possible even in smaller volumes.

The highly efficient distance measurement method is based on the flight time of a short, eye-safe laser pulse to the target and back. The principle is known as pulsed time-of-flight (TOF) distance measurement.

The main advantages of TOF measurement include its non-contact, non-disturbing nature, high speed and accuracy, high spatial resolution and wide measurement range. Special reflectors are not needed on the target but can be used to increase the maximum range.

The sensor products have been typically made in co-operation with partners and the development, production, marketing and sales work has been allocated to the partner, who naturally has a specialist knowledge of the particular field. The concept has been very successful.

Automated traffic control system

Typical applications for such sensors are for example traffic control, industrial measurement, forest measurement and OEM applications. The most growing application area at the moment is traffic control, where many automatic control systems need reliable measurement in a difficult environment.

Noptel's sensors are in use for intelligent traffic camera triggering, vehicle profile measurement and vehicle classification as well as in speed measurement.

Noptel distance sensor CM-30

The CM-30 distance sensor is designed for portable applications. It measures distances from 2m to 30m to natural targets with poor reflectivity. The sensor is small and low-weight and the airtight structure is designed to withstand outdoor use in varying temperatures. The sensor can be connected to a control system via RS-232 bus.

Vehicle profile measurement and vehicle classification

R&D work focuses upon: the integration of critical laser radar electronics into application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs); improving performance; developing compact transmitter electronics; providing highly "environmental proof" technology for encapsulations, and minimising the production costs, size and power consumption of this technology.

Quality of the products and services is one of the key principles of Noptel's strategy. It means thorough planning and manufacture of products incorporating the latest technology and comprehensive, long-term user support to help the customer to gain full satisfaction from the products.

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CM2-30 unit The CM2-30 unit is nitrogen filled unit, suitable for outdoor use.
CMP2-30 unit The CMP2-30 has a wider measurement area that covers a larger area from the lane.
A typical traffic intersection area A typical traffic intersection area can have sensors for traffic light control, speed measurement, traffic light violation control and vehicle classification.
Profile measurement Profile measurement is used to classify different type of vehicles.
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