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Traffic Management and Control with Non-Intrusive Sensors

Quercus Technologies was established in 1999 as an engineering company and has now become a global reference for implementing cutting-edge technology to make traffic safer and easier to manage.

Quercus develops and manufactures highly technological products which aim to improve mobility and traffic safety. Product applications are focused on parking, traffic, enforcement and security areas. Quercus products include all-in-one licence plate recognition units, overview cameras and digital video recorders, virtual-loop based traffic sensors and non-intrusive red light cameras.

We market our products exclusively to system integrators that develop traffic and security projects. Our aim is to help them to obtain the maximum benefit from our products; that is why we provide them with leading-edge technology, experienced training and on-site technical support.

Thanks to our continuous investment in R&D, we feel proud of being pioneers in the technologies we develop and strive to manufacture added-value products by designing easy-to-use units based on all-in-one architecture and easy start-up concept.

The Quercus product range falls into three categories: car access control, traffic management products and enforcement.

Traffic management and enforcement products

The SmartLoop® TS is a non-intrusive vehicle presence sensor and traffic data collector that provides vehicle presence detection, queue occupancy and traffic statistics.

The non-intrusive virtual-loop based traffic sensor is able to control up to 35 detection zones and includes a practical wizard to facilitate installation. SmartLoop® TS combines and processes several advanced algorithms at the same time, and not separately, in order to provide faster and more precise detection regardless of external factors such as shadows or sudden light changes.

SmartLoop® TS includes different output possibilities to facilitate installation in any situation. It is available as an all-in-one unit including built-in digital outputs and can be extended with an external module of up to 16 outputs.

Parking and traffic video-surveillance camera

SmartREC® DVR is an all-in-one overview and video-surveillance camera with built-in intelligence, which provides detailed context images for parking and traffic applications. Everything is processed into the camera itself and no external storage devices are needed for the analysis of the information.

SmartREC® DVR has the capacity to show live images at the same time as recording and can be easily integrated with other systems. All videos are digitally signed to prevent their possible manipulation.

ANPR software

SmartLPR® Engine is our highly reliable and fast ANPR software for professionals, specially designed for system integrators. SmartLPR® Engine is a powerful OCR software for licence plate recognition for a wide range of applications in car access, traffic control and enforcement. It is hardware independent and it has been designed to offer high reliability results in different environments regardless of the state of conservation of the licence plate.

Automatic number plate recognition units

SmartLPR® Speed is an automatic number plate recognition unit used to control traffic on motorways, roads, streets and, in general, in any roadway without barriers. It is capable of recognising the licence plate of vehicles travelling at speeds of up to 200km/h.

SmartLPR® Speed is an all-in-one system that allows installation costs to be reduced because it eliminates the complex cabling and the process units used previously. Only one unit is necessary per lane that needs to be controlled.

The system is designed to offer an optimum recognition of licence plates, eliminating the shadows so as to increase the reliability of the recognition.

Red light enforcement

BirdWatch® Red Light is an all-in-one red light detector based on a non-invasive technology, which provides red light enforcement at intersections. All that is needed to detect the red light violation is included in a small hand-sized housing. BirdWatch® Red Light is ideal for any urban environment and can be place as a fixed or mobile unit.

Access control products

SmartLPR® Access is an all-in-one automatic number plate recognition system designed to control the vehicle flow in accesses with barriers.

SmartLPR® Park is designed for the complete management of the security related with the registering of licence plates in car parks.

Quercus products have been deployed in different parking, roads, tolls, tunnels, cities and facilities in Europe, Brazil, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. We are present in more than 30 countries and in more than 1,000 installations worldwide.

Quercus provides dedicated and customised technical support and customer service to the different geographical areas through its offices in Barcelona (Spain), São Paulo (Brazil), and New Jersey (US).

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