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Rinstrum - Weighing Components for Trucks

Rinstrum is an innovative designer and manufacturer of weighing componentry, with both standard and custom elements for truck weighing (static and dynamic) and onboard weighing. Our custom solutions may involve specialist firmware in our weighing electronics or customised load cells and sensors. We have worked with clients building challenging trade-approved on-board weighing solutions for trucks.

Our product range includes:

  • Digital weight indicators for general onboard; onboard with tilt compensation in two axes; and truck weighing - axel and weigh bridge - dynamic and static
  • Remote displays - large heavy-duty digits 127mm high through to 23mm
  • Custom load cells and strain-gauge based sensors
  • Custom weighing electronics and housings

Weight indicators for onboard weighing with tilt compensation

The onboard weighing application is ideal for specialist truck OEMs requiring electronics for accurate load weighing solutions where the load may be on an angle. The R400 is available in either ABS or stainless steel - both are ideal for panel mounting in a truck cab, featuring a large display and programmable function keys.  

The application is for a truck to have accurate weight readings that can compensate for uneven surfaces where a weight reading might be taken. The weight indicator connects to a two-axis tilt sensor (up to +/-10°) that provides tilt compensation. The R400 weight indicator is trade-approved in Australia, Europe and the US.

Weight indicators for truck weighing

The R400 weight indicator is ideal for truck weighing applications:

  • Support for up to 16 ohm x 350 ohm, easily handling of a typical eight load cell bridge
  • Alibi (data storage device DSD) module for traceability
  • All accessory modules, including the power supply, can be swapped without recalibration
  • Indicator configuration and set-up can be reused and easily uploaded using the rinlink on the front panel
  • Pre-calibration using mV/V saving time on full calibration
  • Networking via standard serial communications, Ethernet or Profibus
  • Available in a stainless steel or ABS housing

Weigh in / out application: the truck weighing software allows for a range of operational scenarios all in one set-up, from weigh-in / weigh-out to stored truck IDs. The dedicated Truck ID button and Print button simplify the operator interface. Additionally, the alpha-numeric keypad allows for easy entry of tare weight and Truck IDs. With 250 Truck IDs available it is suitable for applications with truck fleets of up to 250.

Multi-deck weigh bridge application: multi-deck weigh bridges are an extension of the single-deck application with the addition of a summing indicator. The R400 summing unit will sum up to nine slave units.

Weight indicators for dynamic axle weighing

In dynamic axle weighing applications the R400 weight indicator has the ability to create weighments from a number of axle weights. The truck may be moving continuously at a constant speed or it may be discontinuous waiting for no motion.  This allows for individual axle loads to be checked and the overall load to be summed - this applies to both fixed and portable scenarios.

Weighing electronics and load cells for the road traffic industry

Rinstrum can deliver production quantities of custom weighing electronics and load cells, complete with regulatory approvals in record time. The customisation may involve modification of weighing electronics hardware or firmware or load cells, specialised for your application. Our strong applications team combined with our R&D engineers work to combine the technology and your application.

Rinstrum excels in providing quality products and expert weighing advice. The Rinstrum team can help you with the weighing component of your solution - to help you gain an advantage in the marketplace. This may involve a customised electronics or load cell or using our application knowledge we may recommend standard componentry. 

With offices in Australia, Germany and the US, we are a global company that prides itself on developing successful long-term partnerships. Contact us to start work on your smart weighing solution.

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Rinstrum manufactures weight indicators for onboard weighing with tilt compensation.
The R400 series weight indicators are ideal for single and two pass truck weighing applications and multi-deck weigh bridges.
In dynamic axle weighing applications the R400 weight indicator has the ability to create weighments from a number of axle weights.
Rinstrum R400 Series and R300 Series weight indicators are trade-approved in Australia, Europe and the US.
Rinstrum can deliver production quantities of custom weighing electronics and load cells.
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