Traffic Light Equipment for Blind Pedestrians, Classification and Parking Solutions


RTB offers pedestrian push buttons, acoustic devices and radar / laser (Lidar) systems that record a vehicle's direction, speed and classification.

The company's portfolio also includes parking guidance systems, single-space sensors and pay-stations.

Parking ticket machines

RTB's parking ticket machines enable optimal management of public parking spaces.

The company's Pecuni pay-stations are vandalism-resistant and offer security options, while its Primus solutions feature a double-save coin box with a separate door.

The Prisma ticket machine is resilient against adverse weather conditions and vandalism, as well as provides advertising opportunities for cost-effectiveness.

RTB's parking ticket machines are powered by solar panels, and offer a modern interface that can be navigated by foreign language users.

Single-space monitoring system for car parks

The company's optical sensors monitor car parks to inform drivers of available spaces. The sensors are suitable for rail mounting, avoiding complex and cost-intensive rehabilitation works.

Dialogue displays for road safety

RTB's dialogue displays relay information to drivers to enhance traffic flow and reduce speeding-related accidents. Studies have shown that the displays have a permanent effect. They can be adapted to meet a client's requirements.

Measurement solution for road vehicles

RTB's devices in the TOPO series can measure a vehicle's length, speed and acoustic output, as well as classify vehicles based on their axle and engine position.

The TOPO system can be integrated in the company's dialogue displays.

Detection system for vehicles on multi-lane highways

RTB's TOPO.lx system detects and classifies vehicles from the edge of multi-lane highways. The solution uses two sensors to detect vehicles that are partially or completely hidden at road cross-sections. The system combines data from both sensors to make a precise classification.

Traffic light push buttons

RTB offers sensor-based and mechanical push buttons for traffic lights. The push buttons are fitted with a call-up screen with a large surface, and their self-explanatory design makes traffic lights easy to use.

The company's products are safe to operate, vandalism-resistant, and easy to integrate with auxiliary equipment.

Acoustic units for traffic lights

RTB's easy-to-install acoustic BLX unit provides noise protection for local residents.

Not only are the units installed worldwide, but they automatically adjust their volume depending on the ambient noise level, and distribute sound based on street width and nearby buildings.

After pushing the company's Pit button, the user hears a pilot tone from the acoustic unit, making it easier to locate traffic light poles.

About RTB

RTB provides innovative technology, high-quality manufacturing standards, and attention to detail in a bid to exceed its customers expectations.

The company's robust and reliable traffic products are supported with excellent customer service from a diverse, result-driven team.

Owned and managed by Rudolf Broer, RTB has 20 years of experience in developing, producing and distributing cutting-edge traffic solutions to help hearing and visually impaired people.

This simple yet pioneering business concept has facilitated RTB's growth into a global company.

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