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SenSen Networks is a leading supplier of smart city solutions, including video detection and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) software.

The company's software combines enterprise video and sensor data acquisition, fusion and analytics into a highly scalable and configurable platform, helping customers to improve the speed and accuracy of decisions they take, as well as automate business processes.

SenSen's platforms are versatile, cloud-ready, fast and robust enough to process petabytes of data. The company's customer-centric approach for solving problems is driven by a front-line team of domain experts and scientists.

With proven design methodologies for extracting real-time intelligence from troves of raw data, SenSen solves challenging customer problems with quantifiable improvements in productivity, efficiency and safety.

Video and sensor data capture platform

All SenSen solutions are configurations of the SenDISA platform, comprising smarter parking and smarter transportation configurations directed at the intelligent transportation system (ITS) market.

The SenDISA platform is highly reconfigurable and scalable, allowing it to handle data from almost all common sources.

SenDISA captures data from a range of sensor devices, including CCTV cameras, global positioning systems (GPS), radar, and heat and motion detectors, as well as control a number of actuation devices, such as relays and pan-tilt units.

The platform aligns data captured at different rates, fuses data at multiple layers of the application, and models and restricts the propagation of errors.

SenDISA use data to build and deliver critical operational insights across diverse customer operating environments. It also detects, tracks and classifies people, vehicles and objects of interest in real-time.

The platform analyses complex human interactions and vehicle traffic patterns to deliver customer insights to businesses. It addresses a wide variety of customer requirements, ranging from small retail stores to large enterprise consumers.

Through its unique and scalable architecture, the SenDISA platform transforms petabytes of unstructured video and other sensory data in real-time, as well as makes it available to business intelligence and analytics applications via industry-standard protocols and relational databases.

Real-time road incident detection and monitoring solutions

SenSen's smarter transportation solutions form the foundation for real-time intelligence of connected roads, rails, airports and ports being built worldwide.

The company accesses existing highway surveillance monitoring cameras to analyse and generate real-time incident detection alerts, as well as supports colour and thermal cameras for superior performance.

SenSen offers solutions that detect people and objects, including vehicles that have stopped, are moving in the wrong direction / contraflows or have performed an illegal u-turn. It also provides gate line monitoring systems to avoid fare evasion at metros.

Safety and security measures for video management systems

SenSAFE is a safety and security intelligence solution that meets real-time intelligence requirements for operations and business intelligence within large infrastructures and surrounding areas.

The system can be integrated with existing video management systems, allowing security operators to monitor and respond to alerts across a location from a single central platform.

From the control room, a premises can be continuously monitored for dangerous or suspicious behaviour through a combination of human security operators and SenSen's powerful video analytics software.

People monitoring applications

SenSen offers solutions for the following purposes:

  • People and vehicle counting
  • Crowd sizing and overcrowding detection
  • Facial recognition and matching
  • ANPR
  • Perimeter and intrusion detection
  • Loitering detection
  • Detection of stopped vehicles
  • Wrong-way directional traffic
  • Running person
  • Slip-and-fall detection
  • Virtual tripwire crossing
  • Left objects and bags
  • Removed objects
  • Camera tampering detection

About SenSen Networks

Based in Melbourne, Australia, SenSen's talent team comprises PhD data scientists, degree software engineers, analysts and mathematicians.

The company develops tailored solutions that enable integration with existing data systems and ITS big data analytics environments.

SenSen operates offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Canada and India.

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