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Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent Transportation Systems

FLIR's detection and monitoring solutions help traffic and public transportation authorities to manage their traffic flows efficiently and ensure safety.

Based on proven technology of more than 20 years, the company's hardware and software enable traffic authorities to monitor motorists and pedestrians in urban environments, detect incidents on highways and in tunnels, collect traffic data, and ensure safety on public railways.

Urban traffic control solutions

With the rapid increase in transport demand, congestion has become a mobility problem worldwide. Smart infrastructure, including vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian presence sensors from FLIR can alleviate the problem. Accurate traffic detection can help optimise traffic flows and control traffic lights at intersections based on actual demand.

FLIR's video and thermal sensors are a highly reliable alternative to loops and other detection technologies. By detecting bicyclists, pedestrians and vehicles, the company's sensors provide smart intersection control to enhance efficiency and safety.

FLIR ThermiCam is an integrated thermal camera and traffic detection sensor that gives you the power to detect vehicles and cyclists 24/7 with industry-leading reliability. The camera is an above-ground system that avoids the high installation and maintenance costs.

FLIR's pedestrian sensors allow clients to control traffic lights in favour of pedestrians or make pedestrians more visible in traffic. Featuring dynamic traffic light control and warning sign activation capabilities, the sensors make intersections or pedestrian crossings safer, while preventing unnecessary delays to both pedestrians and motorists.

FLIR TrafiOne is a comprehensive detection sensor for traffic monitoring and dynamic signal control. It utilises thermal imaging and Wi-Fi tracking technology to provide traffic engineers with high-resolution data on vehicles and pedestrians at intersections.

Tunnel and highway monitoring systems

FLIR's automatic incident detection technology will detect all major incidents within seconds such as stopped vehicles, wrong way drivers, queues, slow moving vehicles, fallen objects.

The company's cost-effective traffic solutions monitor flow, collect data, and emulate or simulate loops on highways and urban roads. They can efficiently make a distinction between several levels of service: fluid, dense, congested or stop-and-go. Other applications include queue monitoring during roadworks and flow-based calculations on travel times.

FLIR's TrafiBot HD camera combines video detection algorithms with powerful processing technology and high-tech camera optics in a single unit. It incorporates high-quality images, embedded analytics and multi-stream encoding to offer superior performance.

The company's thermal imaging cameras allow tunnel operators to monitor traffic flows and detect incidents or fires in an early stage. Firefighters also use thermal cameras to enhance their vision and to see through smoke or detect hotspots.

Thermal cameras for public transportation applications

FLIR's thermal cameras are designed to avert serious accidents and infrastructure damage by detecting stationary vehicles on railway tracks.

They can also detect people with 24/7 monitoring capabilities on tracks or in tunnels.

The FLIR ITS-Series Rail is an integrated thermal camera for detecting obstructions in public transportation environments. The camera uses thermal energy emitted from obstacles to sense vehicles, people and large animals in low-visibility environments, over a long range and in adverse weather conditions.

FLIR's embedded thermal fire sensors for rail wagons detect hotspots and fires before they have a chance to spread. They also have a low false alarm rate and will not be activated by people smoking.

The FLIR RSX-F intelligent sensor uses thermal and visual imaging for advanced fire and occupancy detection, as well as CCTV monitoring. The compact and discrete design enables easy and flexible installation even when limited space is available

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