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Solar Powered Transportable Variable Message Signs

A.D. Engineering International is committed to producing the most reliable and longest service life electronic equipment for the traffic ITS industry.

Over the last 35 years, the company has specialised in the design and manufacture of high-quality electronic equipment to provide information, traffic control and road safety.

Electronic signs and displays for the road industry

A.D. Engineering's equipment is engineered to last and work reliably even in Australia's harsh environmental conditions. It is designed for hassle-free installation, low-maintenance and optimised power-efficiency.

The company's products offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Superior quality
  • Longest service life
  • On-going support
  • Low-maintenance costs
  • Two-year default warranty
  • Value for money

The company's product range includes:

  • Solar-powered, full-colour transportable variable message signs (VMS)
  • Full-colour LED signs / VMS (pole or gantry mounted)
  • Flip-dot VMS
  • Changeable message signs
  • Variable speed limit signs
  • Radar speed displays
  • Speed alert mobile (SAM) trailer
  • School zone and Crosswalk Signs
  • Portable traffic signals
  • Ramp control signs
  • Lane use signals
  • Car parking signs and monitoring systems
  • Digital clocks

The firm provides clients with ongoing support and backup service for the life of the product. It can supply spare parts, fault finding diagnostics, phone support and on site call-outs, even when the equipment is near the end of its life.

Solar-powered transportable variable message signs (TVMS)

A.D. Engineering International's TVMS are capable of displaying full-colour, high-resolution images, graphics and text. As well as its informative and advisory purpose for road and highway use, its AD320 is ideal for advertising and promotion of business, products, events and special deals.

The AD320 is easily transportable, programmable and has low-maintenance requirements with a long service life.

Full colour LED / variable message signs

A.D. Engineering's AD315 model features an LED display capable of showcasing high-quality video, images, graphics and text to promote businesses, products and events. The LED display software provided allows clients to easily set up a presentation with multiple images and video clips.

The company supplies a wide range of display sizes and pixel resolutions. Installations can be wall, pole or gantry-mounted for either indoor or outdoor areas.

Gantry-mounted VMS

The AD302 features an ultra-bright full matrix LED display designed for high-visibility and guaranteed to get messages across. It provides large format text and graphics, which advise motorists of current traffic conditions, safety messages and upcoming events.

A.D. Engineering designs and manufactures equipment to suit a customer's specific requirements. It is familiar with the logistics of remote site preparation and transportation of large electronic equipment in a careful and timely manner.

Variable speed limit signs

A.D. Engineering's AD303 can display up to three different speed limits from 10km/h to 110km/h in increments of 10km/h or 5km/h.

The AD307 incorporates a full matrix display area capable of displaying any text and graphics allowing any speed limit to be displayed. Optional flashing LED conspicuity lamps can be also installed.

The VSLS features an ultra-bright, high-quality, long-life LED display. The company uses high-quality, powder-coated aluminium enclosure and IP65 impact-resistant polycarbonate screen for superior reliability, low maintenance requirements and a long service life.

Radar speed displays and speed alert mobile (SAM) trailer

The AD322 and AD300 models feature an ultra-bright LED display integrated with radar speed sensor and data logger for traffic analysis.

It provides motorists with a direct indication of their vehicle's speed and provides an effective trigger to reduce their speed. The display can also trigger warning messages such as 'Too Fast' or 'Well done'. An optional high-speed camera with invisible infrared flash can be fitted to allow images to be recorded to a SD card of vehicles detected over the speed limit.

The AD322 is designed to be easily mounted to a pole using clamps, and the AD300 is mounted to a trailer for easy transportation. A.D. Engineering's radar speed displays have a weatherproof and vandal-resistant display to ensure low-maintenance requirements and a long service life.

School Zone and Crosswalk signs

A.D. Engineering International' School Zone and Crosswalk Signs are highly visible and innovative, creating instant awareness of school zone and pedestrian areas where a low speed limit applies at different times of the day.

Low-maintenance, ultra-reliability and easy installation make signs the ideal choice for schools, mine sites, residential areas or other high-risk areas. The company's signs meet MRWA compliance.

Car parking signs and monitoring systems

A.D. Engineering International's car parking signs and systems provide high-quality electronic LED signage and vehicle detection systems to inform motorists of car park status and bay availability. Entry and exits may be monitored by ground loops and a central control system tracks car park status and displays the appropriate messages to the electronic displays.
The company offers standalone parking applications to manage the signs and vehicle counts, or it can integrate signs with existing parking systems.

Custom electronic design

A.D. Engineering International has the skills and capabilities to design and build almost any type of electronic products, from single prototypes to mass volume packaged products.

The company custom designs, manufactures and supplies products to meet the specific requirements of the client.

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