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SES America, a leader in the ITS industry since 1986, is recognized as a pioneer for its design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of dynamic message signs (DMSs), lane control signs, blank-out signs and DMS retrofit kits.

Thanks to our team effort, SES America continues to exceed customer expectations by adhering to three core principles:

  • Providing first-class customer service
  • Providing quality products
  • Providing continuous innovation

State-of-the art technology

SES America's products include state-of-the art technology that is engineered to meet the highest industry standards, such as NEMA TS4, NEMA 3R and NTCIP. SES America is also known for its durability, longevity, reliability and ease of maintenance.

The company focuses exclusively on the ITS industry and is continually finding innovative solutions to help solve critical problems faced by state, county and city departments of transportation across North America. With over 25 years' of experience in the ITS market, SES America is ready to help you complete your project in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Retrofit and technology update for DMS

Since 2008, SES America has been retrofitting dozens of dynamic message signs, most of them from other manufacturers. With our extensive knowledge in dynamic message signs and our years of experience in retrofitting, SES America is your best choice to upgrade your aged DMSs.

SES America can retrofit any type of DMS with any technology, including fiber optic, flip disk and LED, from any manufacturer. Our unique solution uses the latest M6000 technology available and allows work to be performed at the site, in a minimum amount of time, with parts being tested and assembled in our premises in Rhode Island prior to shipping.

Solar-powered dynamic message sign

The M8000 is the first solar-powered DMS (non mobile / portable) in the world, proving that SES America is a continual innovator in the ITS industry. The M8000 is available with 8in, 12in or 18in character heights in a character, line or full matrix configuration using amber LEDs with a 30° viewing angle.

The M8000 is available with walk-in, canopy doors or rear access housing. The battery life is 18 years and the solar panel (specifically sized for each location of deployment) is rated for a 25-year lifespan. The M8000 can operate 24 hours a day, all year long with solar energy. The M8000 requires six times less energy to operate when compared to classic DMS solutions.

Full-color dynamic message signs

The M6000 and M7000 are global solutions for any ITS application, including highway, freeway, arterial and rural roads. Both are available with 12in or 18in character heights, while the M6000 is also available in 8in.

The M6000 is offered in a character, line or full matrix configuration using amber LEDs, while the M7000 in a full matrix configuration with a full-color solution, based on a full-matrix pitch of 33mm and 46mm with a 30° viewing angle. High-definition signs with a pitch of 20mm are available upon request. The M7000 is also capable of displaying MUTCD symbols.

Custom character sizes are also available; both come with front access, rear access, canopy door or walk-in housing. The M6000 exceeds many standards within NEMA TS4 and NTCIP. With the simplicity of its design and use of the newest technology available in the industry, the maintenance costs of both products are significantly reduced over the life of the sign.

Lane control signs / blank-out signs

SES America offers a wide array (standard and custom configuration) of lane control signs. The typical configuration comes with either a 12in or 18in character height and two to four symbols using red, green and yellow LEDs. SES America lane control signs come equipped with two access doors for easy accessibility to the sign components. SES America's Lane control signs can be controlled via dry contacts, serial links or by a NTCIP controller.

SES America's blank-out signs are custom built to each customer's unique application.

Dynamic message sign control software

Messenger software includes all the features needed to control any NTCIP-compliant DMS. SESA Messenger v3 provides a simple solution to your NTCIP DMS operation and control needs. SESA Messenger v3 is a simple solution that is easy to learn and use, and is a full-featured package that is unmatched in the industry. The software operates under Windows 98, XP, 2000, NT and Windows 7.

SESA Messenger v3 can operate on a single PC or in a network environment with many PCs using a shared SQL database. The software is easy to install and the client can easily change the configuration using only the SESA Messenger v3 software. This allows the client to add, remove and configure new signs to the system with ease. Most of the sign configuration is completed by simply downloading the sign configuration from the sign into the software database.

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