Geosynthetics for Road Reinforcement

A pioneer in the development of geosynthetic products for civil engineering applications, Bonar has been supplying solutions for projects calling for reliable erosion prevention, drainage, soil reinforcement, stabilisation and consolidation since the early 1960s.

To help engineers around the world respond to demanding construction and maintenance challenges in the transport infrastructure industry, Bonar offers Enkagrid®: their high-performance laser-welded and multifunctional geogrids, Colbonddrain®: prefabricated vertical drains and Enkadrain®: drainage mats specially developed for the application in cut and cover or bored tunnels.

Enkagrid PRO geogrids for reinforced slopes, retaining and segmental block walls

Enkagrid PRO is a biaxial geogrid offering unparalleled strength, performance and reliability for reinforced earth constructions such as slopes, walls and embankments. The double-weft structure of highly oriented laser-welded polyester bars provides powerful and dependable soil reinforcement, ideal interaction with all soil types and durability. Enkagrid PRO is BBA certified for use in highway construction of road and bridge abutments with slopes of up to 70º, and in the application of the Anchor Landmark wall system for reinforced retaining walls and bridge abutments.

Enkagrid MAX geogrids for sub-base stabilisation of paved and unpaved roads

The uniaxial geogrid Enkagrid MAX has been developed for the instant soil stabilisation of haul roads, temporary unpaved roads and permanent paved roads. It allows the reduction of the sub-base thickness, prevents the pumping effect, delays cracking and significantly extends the service life of road structures.

Multifunctional geogrid composite enkagrid TRC for the stabilisation of subgrade soils

Enkagrid TRC is a geogrid composite made of Twaron® aramid fibres embedded in a Colback® polyester non-woven filter layer. This allows for the reinforcement of structures and the separation or filtration of different soil types in one product. The geogrid strengthens weak or poor sub-grade soils and is also suitable for reinforcing the aggregate base course in paved or unpaved roadways, parking areas, small embankments, building foundations and platforms.

PVD colbonddrain for accelerated soil consolidation

Colbonddrain is a Prefabricated Vertical Drain (PVD) consisting of a three-dimensional filament core thermally bonded on both sides to a non-woven filter layer for the consolidation of soft clay or silt soils, typical in reclamation projects. Since its launch more than 25 years ago, over 200 million metres of Colbonddrain have been installed worldwide including significant projects in the construction of transport infrastructure.

Drained tunnel sealing with Enkadrain

To meet the specific construction quality demands exerted on building materials for tunnel projects, Bonar has developed special drainage mats approved in several NEAT sealing systems. As such, major parts of the 57km long Gotthard base tunnel (the world's longest rail tunnel, currently under construction in Switzerland) used Enkadrain as protection, drainage and injection layers.

These geocomposites consist of a polypropylene monofilament core connected to a non-woven filter. They offer outstanding pressure resistance, drainage performance and durability in line with the required service life for base tunnels.

About Bonar

Bonar is a leading producer and supplier of high-quality synthetic nonwovens, wovens, three-dimensional polymeric mats, construction fibres and composites for Civil Engineering, Interior, Transportation, Construction, Agro and Industrial applications.

The company's production facilities are based in Emmen and Arnhem (the Netherlands), Lokeren and Zele (Belgium), Obernburg (Germany), Tiszaújváros (Hungary), Asheville (USA) and through joint ventures in Jiangsu (China) and in Yanbu (Saudi Arabia). Regional sales offices are located all over the world. For product and application development, the company maintains Development and Application Centers in Arnhem, Zele and Asheville.

For many decades Bonar has acquired a solid and extensive expertise and experience in the industry, and a worldwide reputation as a reliable business-to-business partner. Bonar is part of Low and Bonar, listed on the London Stock Exchange. Low & Bonar employs more than 2,000 people worldwide, with 1,200 people working in Bonar and its joint ventures.

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