LED Street Lighting for Public and Industrial Locations

Helecta LED retrofit lamps

Helecta specialises in LED retrofit bulb and lamp fabrication for streets and high-power industrial lighting. The company offers a patented LED replacement product for mercury and sodium lamps with the highest efficacy and lifetime.

The standard product portfolio includes LED retrofit lamps, street lights and floodlights, as well as low-bay and high-bay lamps.

LED retrofit lamps for street lighting

Helecta's LED retrofit lamps were developed and patented in 2010 and has continuously enhanced in efficacy and usability since then.

Numerous Helecta retrofit products are currently installed in street lamps across Europe and Africa, replacing traditional mercury and sodium units and saving more than 70% in energy.

With the standard E27 or E40 socket, conversion from old metal vapour to new LED technology is quicker and more cost-efficient in comparison with a new integrated LED streetlight.

Complete retrofitting of LED lamps

With the brand new development of optional lenses for Helecta LED retrofit lamps, the retrofit technology enters the market space of complete luminaires.

Light source, driver electronics and beam pattern control in a small package, are perfectly matched for the use in historical or decorative luminaires.

LED street luminaires

Helecta's Economy2 LED streetlight family features a modern, slim, all-aluminum housing, which guarantees an excellent thermal management and a long LED service life.

For easier maintenance and flexibility, the constant-current driver is integrated with the LED board, making it possible to drive the lamp with regular constant-voltage drivers or even from batteries mounted in the maintenance bay of the pole.

High-efficient optics with low-loss and optimised beam pattern make this product an excellent candidate for standard-compliant street lighting at a competitive cost.

LED street luminaire mounting options

The Economy2 streetlight range features a variable mounting design. The products can be used as top and side mounted posts or a catenary mounting luminaire, all using the same slim and contemporary housing.

This feature enables a similar consistency on a variety of conditions.

Integrated LED floodlights

Helecta's Economy2 floodlight series uses the same LED modules with integrated constant current drivers as the company's streetlights.

The standard power products range from 24W to 96W, and due to the modular architecture, high-power versions are available on request without any lifetime degradation from high-temperatures.

Solar-powered LED streetlights

Helecta's solar controller is optimised for standalone, solar-powered streetlights. It supports 12V systems (one battery) and 24V systems (two batteries in series) and can drive LED streetlights of up to 120W.

Three time-controlled dimming stages allow brightness adjustment according to requirements and power availability. The controller can be configured by a PC application either via cable on ground or a Wi-Fi dongle when mounted on top of a pole.

This solar controller works smoothly with Helecta's Economy2 streetlight series in 12V or 24V mode. Over-current, under-voltage and over-voltage protection guarantees a reliable operation.

Customisable electronics and designs of luminaires

Due to the modularity of all Helecta products, custom-specific modifications in electronics, mechanics or design are available, even for smaller quantities.

Depending on quantities, the company relies on its in-house manufacturing or on a set of mass production suppliers for specific components.

ODM and OEM business models

Helecta offers original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and original design manufacturer (ODM) business model to its customers. This is ideal for clients from other market segments that wish want to enter the growing LED market risk-free, or lighting manufacturers that want to complete their product portfolio.

Helecta also provides solutions for both applications. The company's proven modules in mass production, and in-house development and manufacturing capabilities mean that customers can expect high-class products ready for bulk orders in a short period of time.

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