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Skid Steer Attachments for Road Maintenance Vehicles

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Road Widener manufactures patented skid steer road maintenance attachments for shouldering and side paving applications, including road widening, shouldering, patching, trench backfilling, and curb backfilling.

Hydraulically powered single and dual discharge units for road maintenance

Road Widener LLC offers two different models of discharge units, which are designed to lay down any material, including hot asphalt.
They can be attached to a skid steer, loader, grader, backhoe, or any other machine.

The FH-R model can be ordered as a right-side or left-side discharge unit. The right-side unit will discharge to the operator's right and the left-side unit will discharge to the operator's left when moving forward.

In comparison, the FH-R Dual Discharge model can be used to discharge material to the right or the left side, as the operator is moving forward by changing the direction of the conveyor belt. A closure plate is used to block material from spilling out of the side the operator is not discharging from.

Both models are powered by standard flow hydraulics, and feature a remote control to allow the skid steer operator or another worker to control the road widener functions from a safe distance.

There are several optional components available for both models.

Offset Vibe Roller for compacting road shoulders

Road Widener produces the Offset Vibe Roller, which can be attached to any machine and offers users unique compaction capabilities, allowing operators to stay on the road while compacting shoulders and ditches.

The flexible Vibe Roller can roll the outside slope of a shoulder and be dropped into trenches.

Skid steer attachments for aggregate dispersal

The flexible Road Widener skid steer attachment is ideal for state and municipal highway departments, road contractors and landscapers requiring improved operating efficiency and productivity in road shouldering and other aggregate dispersal.

Compatible with any type of skid steer or compact track loader with an attachment plate, the attachment offers a high cost / tonne ratio for dispersing aggregate, and reduces operating costs for road work, other shouldering, trenches and landscaping applications

It is easily maneuvered around guardrails, sign posts, mailbox posts and other obstructions, and can be transported on common-width trailers using a pick-up truck.

Additional features include:

  • Accurate operator control over flow and placement of material
  • The ability to disperses a 20t load of aggregate such as gravel, asphalt (includes asphalt-ready heat-treated belt) and topsoil in minutes
  • Wheel-turning extensions to fit all types of dump trucks
  • Low operating cost
  • 360° steerable front end

About Road Widener

Road Widener was founded by two road construction professionals, who used their extensive road construction experience to invent and design a unique skid steer attachment. Production has since developed into a state-of-the-art steel fabrication facility in Wisconsin.

The company continues to improve the existing line of attachments, in addition to design and create additional one-of-a-kind products.
Road Widener products are available through its extensive dealer network.

Contact Details

Road Widener LLC
612 N. Sawyer Road
Wisconsin 53066
United States of America
+1 844 494 3363

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Road Widener Shouldering and Side Paver Attachment 15 September 2017 The FH-R model, with lay down widths of 1ft to 4ft, can be ordered as a right- or left-side discharge unit. The right-side unit will discharge to the operator's right and the left-side unit will discharge to the operator's left when moving forward.