Geodata, Route Planning, Travel Information Services, and Software with Geographical Components

Andes is a leading Dutch specialist in location enabled services for the business-to-government (B2G) and business-to-business (B2B) markets. By continuously working on innovation, Andes adds value and makes advanced and user-friendly software.

The scope of Andes is divided into four strategic pillars:

  • Long-term care (LTC) software applications
  • Maps and licensing
  • Travel information services
  • Developer services

LTC roadworks and events

Numerous alterations to infrastructure, events and increasingly complex traffic control measures compromise towns and villages being accessible, safe and residents having a good quality of life.

To address these specific concerns, Andes has designed LTC Roadworks & Events (LTC R&E).

A web-based application for input, management, coordination and publication of all roadwork and event information, LTC R&E can also be easily linked to third-party systems, providing you with a complete overview of all road-related activities.

Clients can also share this information in real-time with your colleagues, as well as all public and professional road users such as emergency services and public transport providers.

The software enables more efficient work processes and optimum information distribution.

LTC temporary traffic control measures

The LTC Temporary Traffic Control Measures software offers time-savings and avoid conflict situations because all work applications are processed and distributed to all partners in the same way. This enhances the coordination and quality of services, as well as stimulates collaboration between contractors and all involved parties.

Contractors, event organisers and other interested parties all have direct access on one central platform.

LTC public works and permits

Roads are dug up 400,000 times for excavation work every year, which regularly causes a number of problems for municipalities. It is the municipality's duty to coordinate collaboration between all involved partners such as roadwork notifications to ensure no damage in public spaces and an overview of all planned work.

LTC Public Works & Permits (LTC R&P) enables seamless coordination and a pleasant living environment for residents, excavation contractors and municipalities.

In addition to the LTC software applications, Andes also provides several location-enabled services such as:

  • Multimodal route planning: planner for cyclists, motorists and users of public transport
  • Downtown Map with transportation planner: shows restrictions for coaches and provisioning traffic
  • Costs and calculations: app and software component for scale calculation of fees for commuting car and bicycle

About Andes

A developer of information technology service (ITS) geographical software solutions, Andes is located in Eindhoven,The Netherlands.

Established 40 years ago, the company started producing geographical data (vector-data, raster-data, and points of interests). Since then, the company expanded to produce and apply geo datasets.

The company currently manages the total supply chain, from digitalisation of raw data to end-user services.

Contact Details

Bogert 31-09
5600 AT Eindhoven
PO Box 751
+31 88 21 00 300

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