Geodata, Route Planning, Travel Information Services, and Software with Geographical Components

Andes is a leading Dutch specialist in geographical data, maps, route planning and travel information services. In the field of traffic and mobility Andes operates on the B2B and B2G market and develops solutions for professional use. Flexibility and quality are keywords in this privately owned organisation. To reach these goals, Andes employs a large team of developers specialised in software solutions with geographical and route planning components.

Travel information and route planning software

Andes is based on the following strategic pillars:

  • Geographical data
  • Route planning
  • Travel information services
  • Software applications - with geographical components

Mobility data solutions for the road traffic industry

All the mobility solutions of Andes are developed within the Andes Mobility Centre (AMC). The AMC makes it possible to collect and enhance several external dynamic and static data streams; e.g. parking information, traffic jams, departure and arrival information, public transport time tables, roadworks, etc.

Via Andes CMS systems it is also possible to collect unique travel and mobility information (detour information, locations of roadworks and events). The AMC is able to enhance these data streams into various types of multimedia services.

Local traffic control system

The increase in traffic volume poses a real challenge to governments. Towns and villages have to remain accessible, inhabitable and safe in times of roadworks and events. All this makes great demands on both local traffic management and on the supply of information to road users, incident rooms, transport and transportation. For this purpose, Andes developed the concept local traffic control (LTC).

LTC makes it possible to enter traffic and transport-related information, based on open standards, on a geographical platform, and subsequently distribute that information through existing channels to the desired target group. In this way LTC enables road authorities to exercise control over the complete chain of information.

Web-based roadwork data management system

LTC Roadworks & Events is a web-based application for the import, management, coordination and publication of roadworks and events data. It is a system in which all participating roads authorities can see each other's planned and current roadworks. LTC is a web-based application which can easily be connected to other systems. The application is used a lot in the planning and tailoring of roadworks, both locally and regionally.

A great advantage of the application is that the data can be automatically distributed in real time in several formats (e.g. XML, .Datex2, Shape, Excel, PDF, etc.) for integration in route planners, sat-nav systems, incident rooms and traffic models. This means that entered data is immediately available for the public and professional road users.

Geodata, traffic and mobility software

It is the company's goal to supply software applications and services in the workfields of geodata, traffic and mobility. In this way Andes is able to fulfil the need for complete, reliable, accurate and custom-made traffic and travel information, and provides municipalities with turnkey, easy to use, software packages to manage and distribute relevant data.

About Andes

Andes is part of the Falkplan-Andes holding and is located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Falkplan-Andes started 40 years ago, producing geographical data (vector-data, raster-data, and points of interests). From this time Andes started to build up knowledge and created the possibility to produce, enrich and apply geo datasets. Today Andes has the technology to manage the total chain, from digitalisation of raw data to end-user services.

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