Road Construction Project-Management Software

DynaRoad software and services provide world-class solutions in project management for civil engineering and infrastructure construction. Owners, contractors and consultants use DynaRoad software and services to save time and money by optimising and controlling the production of large and complicated earthworks projects.

The DynaRoad solution provides a unique combination of mass-haul optimisation, location-based scheduling and production control.

Road-construction planning and analysis software

The DynaRoad software provides benefits in all project phases by allowing quicker, more realistic and more accurate planning and analysis compared with traditional methods. The software consists of three parts: DynaRoad Plan, DynaRoad Schedule and DynaRoad Control.

Mass-haul planning software

DynaRoad Plan software gives you efficient mass-haul planning by optimising the project for the shortest haul distances possible while ensuring efficient use of all available materials. Expensive mass deficit and surplus are easily eliminated as evaluation of alternative design solutions is fast and inexpensive.

With DynaRoad Plan you can create the best possible mass-haul plan faster than ever before. Based on these outstanding functionalities, it is a must-have tool for every estimator and design management professional.

Scheduling software for infrastructure construction

DynaRoad Schedule is a complete scheduling tool specially developed for infrastructure construction. The location-based schedule can be planned directly in the map view, covering construction activities, traffic arrangements, logistics and mass-haul management. This is especially useful when planning renovation of heavily trafficked intersections or area development in urban areas.

For resource-based planning the activities can be formed based on quantities, available resources and pre-defined production rates. Naturally, normal Gantt functionality is available and in case of a design change the schedule is automatically updated based on the new information.

DynaRoad Schedule is the number-one tool for road construction production managers and schedulers.

Road-construction workflow software

DynaRoad Control gives you systematic control of actual workflow during construction. Input work progress information to DynaRoad for a complete, up-to-date project status report comparing real production results to planned amounts and the original schedule.

Delayed activities show up as red spots directly on your project map and the forecasts warn you months in advance of upcoming problems.

Road-construction consulting and software adoption services

DynaRoad services ensure a more controllable and risk-free project execution. Our services cover both project consulting and software adoption services. The project consulting services include location-based scheduling, management of mass usage and production control.

Our adoption service is focused on software training and project-specific adoption consulting for piloting. Verify a successful piloting, focusing on real production problems, by combining training and consultancy in one of your ongoing construction projects.

References for our road-construction software

Our road-construction software has been proven in more than 50 projects in nine countries. Please contact us for local references and further information.

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