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Vehicle Turn Simulation and Swept-Path Analysis Software

Transoft Solutions' AutoTURN Pro 3D is the world's most popular CAD-based vehicle turn simulation and swept path analysis software. AutoTURN Pro 3D is employed by engineers, architects, planners and designers in order to assess and evaluate vehicle maneuvers and spatial requirements for all types of roadway, highway and site design projects.

CAD-based vehicle turn simulation and swept path analysis software

Compatible with the latest Autodesk® AutoCAD®, Bentley® MicroStation®, Bricsys® BricsCAD® and ZWSOFT® ZWCAD+™platforms, AutoTURN Pro 3D represents the latest in vehicle swept-path analysis technology and features a heads-up / on-the-fly approach for performing simulations.

As the user moves the mouse or 'steers' the vehicle through a series of maneuvers, AutoTURN Pro 3D calculates the location and orientation of the vehicle and instantly displays the travel path.

3D vehicle path simulation drive modes

At the core of AutoTURN Pro 3D are the SmartPath tools, allowing users to automatically generate a vehicle path and simulation. Four interactive drive modes (Generate Arc Path, Oversteer Corner, Corner Path, and Steer a Path) simulate forward and reverse vehicle turn maneuvers while incorporating engineering algorithms that account for speed, super-elevation, lateral friction and turn radii. Place a vehicle on a plane using geometry for lines, arcs, polylines and alignments and the software updates automatically when changes are made to the source geometry.

Oversteer maneuver, reverse corner and travel-way edge simulations

AutoTURN Pro 3D continues with the functionality of the unique 'hunting' process - simply input basic parameters and the software does the work, meaning less trial and error work than ever before. The hunting concept operates within the software's abilities to generate oversteer maneuvers, reverse corner simulations, and to create simulations offset from a travel-way edge. This process also prevents the vehicle (and any trailing unit) from encroaching on curbs, medians, sidewalks and other vehicles.

Multiple turning simulations for vehicles

Carry out multiple turning simulations using different vehicles and configurations to see if they can be accommodated within the design. Even complex turning situations (roundabouts) are quickly and easily checked using powerful features like the Generate Oversteer Corner tool.

Other advanced options include the ability to set steering linkage ratios between the front and rear axle groups of multi-part vehicles, and provide a realistic representation of how a vehicle would handle tight turning situations - very useful when generating articulated bus and truck movements.

3D design and analysis abilities

Perform 3D design and analysis by generating a 3D arc path directly on a selected terrain. Analyse a cross-section through the 3D swept path at any selected user point for evaluating tunneling, spatial requirements near buildings or overhead clearance to structures. Analyze both vehicle bottom and overhead clearance requirements on either a straight line path section or paths with curves.

Standard design and custom vehicle libraries

AutoTURN Pro 3D comes equipped with the most current standard design vehicles of many countries including the USA (AASHTO, Caltrans), Canada (TAC), Australia, New Zealand, the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, and many other European nations. User-defined vehicles can also be created where vehicle dimensions can be varied and turn limitations set.

Extended vehicle libraries

Transoft Solutions has developed custom extended vehicle libraries already equipped with all the specifications and dimensions needed to generate a turning simulation. Each vehicle is a result of extensive research based on the original manufacturers' standards. Available through online purchase, the extended vehicle libraries work within the latest AutoTURN Pro 3D release.

Animated vehicle simulations

In AutoTURN Pro 3D, vehicle simulations can be animated and looped continuously for presentations and demonstrations. In addition, realistic vehicle plan profiles can be added to increase the level of realism. Completed vehicle animations can then be timed, sequenced, and exported into AVI files with Transoft Solutions' presentation software, InVision, for viewing on any PC with popular video players.

About Transoft Solutions

Established in 1991, Transoft Solutions Inc. develops the most thoroughly researched and innovative CAD software for the engineering community. Transoft Solutions' suite of productivity enhancing software have become the trusted de-facto standard for over 90% of the Top 100 AEC firms (ENR), 85% of North American departments of transportation, and numerous regulatory agencies. Providing design solutions for roads and highways, airports, light rail transit, and highway signs, we give transportation professionals the tools they need to design with confidence.

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