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Mobile Mapping Software for the Road Industry


Horus delivers a software platform to capture, analyse and share multi-sensory data to create a situational awareness solution for road traffic environments.

Image data capture solutions for the road industry

Horus software combines sensor data in order to help people communicate, explore new ideas, save money, and discover trends. The company's Mobile Mapping system implements its experience in registering public space. Clients are able to record with the Horus Movie recorder, analyse data with the Horus Movie Player, and share recordings with the Horus Webplayer.

The easy-to-install Mobile Mapping system works on a variety of land or mobile systems, either on the road or on the water.

Asset management through pictorial information

Horus software is ideal for asset management, providing clients with images to interpret information and a complete area overview for inspection.

Road inspection solutions

Horus products are also capable of performing road inspections. Due to the high-resolution of street-level imagery data, every detail is noticeable to ensure every running metre of the road is visible. Horus makes road inspections easier, safer and less time consuming without causing a hinderance to traffic while capturing.

Change detection at street level

The Horus Software Suite helps you to see and communicate changes at street level. Road imagery helps clients to register the situation before and after the project, resolve legal disputes and plan the logistics for major maintenance operations.

Point grey research support

Horus supports Point Grey Research (.PGR) data, which is a video format of Ladybug cameras used in the global mobile mapping sector. This allows clients to add more value to existing hardware with a small software investment.

Horus offers assistance and training to clients who are unfamiliar with video inspection. The company is always looking for the latest developments to ensure its solutions are suitable for client requirements.

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Mapping the World with Horus 07 November 2016 At Horus we know everything there is to know about registering public space, helping us to keep our mobile mapping software at the highest level.

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