Automated Parking Systems

IDOPS is a European-based company specialized in consultation, design and delivery of automated parking systems (APS). Our environmentally friendly solutions allow you to park almost double the amount of cars in conventional parking garages, have low-energy consumption, safe and efficient handling and no carbon emissions. APS can solve many parking problems for citizens, developers and municipality in general.

Automated parking system consultation services

Automated parking systems are a good solution for anyone who wants to provide parking in a small area. IDOPS offers consultation, advice, preparation of studies and projects, supply, installation and service of technology APS.

IDOPS offers a range of different automated parking systems, including, FAMILY, SPEEDY, OPTIMA, BEST, SCISSOR LIFT parking, and much more. All systems are made according to EN 14010 standard.

Expanding parking capacity

The FAMILY parking system allows you to park up to 12 cars in the space for two cars. The system can easily expand a number of parking places, making the family system suitable for small office buildings that need to increase the capacity of existing parking or for a block of flats.

Tower parking system

The SPEEDY parking system is a tower type of parking system, with its main part consisting of a high-speed lift. The speedy system provides maximum parking space with built-in turntable on the minimal ground space. A facade can be made in many architectural styles and is extremely suitable for large-scale advertising.

Administrative and residential parking systems

Our OPTIMA parking system can very effectively improve the volume of a garage. The technology is suitable for administrative and residential parking with lower system frequency of parking of vehicles. The optima system can be eight times more efficient in a space usage than a convention parking.

Large-scale public parking

The BEST parking system is particularly suitable for large-scale public park houses for department stores or the park houses for office complexes. The system can be used for the construction in, above or underground garages and can be applied for various sizes of vehicles, from 20 cars to several thousand cars.

Single parking space expansion

Our SCISSOR LIFT parking system allows for the conversion of one ground parking place into parking for two cars. The system is the simplest way to increase a capacity of the existing car park.

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Available White Papers


IDOPS Releases a New Free White Paper 10 October 2012 The BEST parking facility is the latest generation of three-dimensional parking facilities that make it possible for parking of a maximum number of vehicles in the least amount of space quickly and safety. The BEST system can be applied for various sizes of spaces from 20 cars to several thousand depending on the number of lifts.