Mobility Solutions and Parking Guidance Systems

Intelimotion is a leading supplier of mobility solutions and parking guidance systems. Constantly innovating and continuously improving, we have deployed our solutions in several large parking facilities in shopping centres across Europe, South America and Africa.

Our latest generation technology of sensors provides innovative on-street solutions, allowing for better control of parking times and providing real-time information of parking availability on a street-by-street basis.

Real-time and single information parking systems

Advanced Parking Technology is a parking guidance system that reduces the distance from the parking entrance to an available spot by up to 50%, leading to a 70% reduction in the time spent parking.

Because the Advanced Parking Technology solution is managed from a single information system, it provides real-time information about the occupancy rate of the car park. This data can be used to manage the parking space dynamically, and floors or areas that are not in use during certain periods of the day can be kept closed until they become necessary, giving additional savings in energy, surveillance and maintenance.

The information system can also be integrated with car park operators' websites, providing real-time information of parking offerings through mobile channels and GPS systems, thereby contributing to the up-selling of parking spots.

Parking monitoring systems for car park owners and operators

The Advanced Parking Technology solution provides a strong value proposition for car park owners and operators. It can contribute to operational cost reductions, generate energy savings through lower carbon emissions and allow for the possibility of dynamic management of unused parking space.

It can also contribute to revenue increase, providing real-time information that can be used to up-sell parking offerings. The system lowers the carbon footprint of parking activity, substantially contributing to better sustainability. It also provides better quality of service, promoting customer satisfaction.

Wireless sensor-based solutions for car parking

In its latest generation, the Advanced Parking Technology solution is based on wireless magnetic field sensors. Whereas previous generations required wired infrastructure to provide energy and data transmission, this wireless generation allows for more cost-effective deployments, avoiding the use of cables and wires and thereby generating more competitive scenarios and a faster return on investment.

With wireless technology, sensors can also be placed under the cars, as opposed to traditional implementations of wired sensors on the ceiling of the car park. The ability to install sensors on the floor, beneath the vehicles, means that car park guidance systems can also be implemented on open-air sites, creating a new trend for parking facilities and also opening a new field of opportunities for on-street parking.

On-street parking monitoring

InteliStreets is a new and innovative solution for on-street parking places that allows for more effective control of the parking times. Based on a network of magnetic wireless sensors, the InteliStreets solution provides the street infrastructure with the ability of knowing the exact time a car spent on a public spot, allowing for the implementation of new parking services by public operators and city councils.

The InteliStreets solution can be integrated with parking meters and can also identify an RFID user card, thereby allowing for new and innovative business models for on-street parking.

With the InteliStreets solutions, city councils can also publish on-line information of real-time parking availability on a street-by-street basis, either on internet channels, mobile applications or GPS devices.

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