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With a heritage of over 130 years in the ticketing industry, beginning with the Bell Punch Company in 1878, METRIC is at the forefront of design and innovation, and has a major presence worldwide. Part of METRIC mobility solutions AG, METRIC encompasses four divisions, namely parking systems, public transport, retail and logistics, and cash management.

With UK operations based in Swindon, Wiltshire, METRIC is a technology development company with a culture of delivering innovative solutions for the requirements of our target market. Based on extensive industry experience, our products are designed to deliver highly functional and business enabling capabilities to our clients from concept to implementation

METRIC Parking Systems

METRIC has installed more than 60,000 parking machines in over 45 countries. Wherever parking control and integrity matter, trust METRIC to deliver the system for success. METRIC's pay-and-display systems control more than one million car parking spaces in 1,000 towns and cities around the world. METRIC is certified according to ISO 9001:2008.

METRIC car park ticket machines and pay-on-foot systems offer the public and operators the best parking management solutions available today. As one of the leading suppliers to the industry, METRIC provides cost-effective solutions for all types of pay-and-display requirements for both on and off-street parking, 'park and ride' schemes, and residential and commercial parking.

METRIC understands how to implement profitable parking control anywhere in the world.


The METRIC Elite range of payment terminals provides the operator with a variety of options to control parking. Pay-and-display is deployed to control the majority of parking both on and off-street. The METRIC Elite machine has now evolved to provide all possible payment options for the parking operator.

The METRIC Elite can be used for the following applications:

  • Pay-and-display parking
  • Pay by space parking
  • Barrier controlled payments
  • ANPR integrated payment terminal
  • Leisure facility payments
  • Transport ticketing solutions
  • Electric vehicle charging

The METRIC Elite range of machines is built in a modular format, and has the greatest flexibility and functions available to the operator today. Features can range from a completely cashless solution through to a terminal with an 8,000 ticket capacity, with all possible payment options, including:

  • Coins
  • Bank notes
  • Chip & Pin
  • Chip & Dip
  • Contactless card / device payments
  • e-purse
  • Smart cards

Cash payments can be made via coins and bank notes, with a fifteen coin validator enabled to take dual currency if required. The technology in the bank note reader is highly advanced to provide a high acceptance rate, and is 100% effective against fraudulent currency.


METRIC VivoPark brings together cutting-edge automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) with the most flexible, comprehensive payment terminal available today.

METRIC Group has led the way in the supply of ANPR payment terminals since 2003, when they developed machines for use with the London Congestion Charge scheme. The latest evolution of this system is METRIC VivoPark, which combines all the knowledge and experienced gained from previous projects into the latest, most versatile solution to date.

METRIC VivoPark has provided a successful solution for managing free parking in retail for a large supermarket chain, as well as providing a flexible option for park and ride schemes.


The powerful internet back-office system for our pay-and-display parking machines, METRIC WebASLAN, combines real-time monitoring and online management reports, providing the operator with a complete solution for anything from one to 1,000 machines.

METRIC's philosophy is simple: we aim to produce quality products and service in the parking industry, concentrating on developing parking solutions and services for clientele that will result in long-term partnerships

Pay-on-foot equipment

In addition to pay-and-display systems, METRIC also offers the Amano XParc pay-on-foot range of equipment. As the only product line on the market that is 100% TCP / IP based, Amano Xparc offers the unique possibility of seamless integration into any existing network, including hospitals, as the system is also Health Level 7 International approved.

By combining modern contemporary looks, revolutionary design, modular construction, and state-of-the-art software, Amano strives to serve all markets with both the customer and manager in mind, Xparc is highly user-friendly while providing superior control and money collection features. Amano Xparc is also fully IP enabled and equipped with the most recent electronic payment facelift.

Installation and training for pay-and-display machines

We offer supply and installation services for all products. Our headquarters, which are in Swindon, Wiltshire, UK, include full training and demonstration facilities and are amongst the most comprehensive in the UK.

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