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Mobile and Fixed Parking Solutions with Video Detection

SenSen Networks

SenSen specialises in supply of data-driven business process enhancement solutions.

Strong video intelligence capabilities to devices connected on the IoT ensures owners and managers of assets are able to make more timely decisions and leverage their returns on investments. The addition of video information to data from others sensors creates a more complete view of people, motor vehicles and crowds with the deepest value-added insights for real-time results.

Process enhancement software for the road industry

SenSen's solutions are built upon a combination of video analytics and artificial intelligence data analytics, which have been proven and successful across customers in intelligent transport systems (ITS) and gaming in Australia, Canada, Europe, India, Singapore and UAE.

The software combines enterprise video and sensor data acquisition, as well as data fusion and Big Data analytics into a highly scalable and configurable platform based on NVIDIA edge to Cloud servers that allows customers to improve the accuracy and speed of their decisions and automate business processes.

Customer-specific problem-solving solutions

SenSen incorporates customer-centric approach to solving problems, which is driven by a frontline team of data scientists and domain experts who determine user requirements to guide the development of innovative, customised solutions for each operating environment.

Established design methodologies for extracting real-time intelligence from raw data allow highly challenging and specific customer problems to be solved, leading to improvements in efficiency, productivity and safety.

Intelligent transportation solutions

SenSen delivers solutions for the ITS industry such as civic compliance, parking management, and speed and toll enforcement. In our ten-year history of operating in this industry, we have delivered complex solutions using our video-IoT analytics platform in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Singapore, the US, UAE and India.

We are motivated by a strong culture of innovation using ever-advancing technological breakthroughs in smart sensors, cameras and processing platforms with a clear focus of delivering the highest possible accuracy in the most cost-effective way.

To utilise continually improving sensing technologies, our SenDISA platform features open interfaces to all sensing devices and cameras. This enables us to control and process the incoming signals and fuse the data to accurately detect, track and identify vehicles and people, as well as generate evidential data to support a range of enforcement applications.

With our groundbreaking innovations, we are leading the industry with video and sensor analytics, as well as data fusion of GPS and video imaging sensors to deliver end-to-end automation for parking management and enforcement using highaccuracy systems. Our systems are deployed in Australia, Norway, Denmark, Germany, US, Singapore and many other overseas jurisdictions.

The SenDISA platform includes the following software for a host of uses:

  • Mobile parking enforcement (SenFORCE)
  • Fixed camera parking enforcement
  • Average speed enforcement (SenSPEED P2P)
  • Parking management (SenPARK)
  • Sign and line marking audit solution
  • Traffic analytics (SenTAS)
  • SenSen's back office software (SenBOS)

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