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Automatic Number Plate Recognition Systems

PIPS Technology is the industry leader in the development and manufacture of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems.

Established in 1983, PIPS Technology started out as Pearpoint Image Processing Systems. After being approached by Trafficmaster to develop an ANPR camera for a real-time journey system, Pearpoint built the world’s first integrated traffic camera, and in 2001 the company became PIPS Technology. Today PIPS is one of the largest providers of ANPR systems and has won numerous awards, including the Queens Award for Innovation in 2005.

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ANPR systems for road traffic management

ANPR systems are now one of the most well-known technologies for application in tolling, road-user charging, parking, access control, traffic monitoring, journey time measurement, police and automated site security.

Our ANPR is designed to automatically read and recognise vehicle registration number plates, which can then be cross-checked against various databases such as those provided by councils, governments and police authorities.

PIPS provides a broad range of systems to provide the next generation of ANPR solutions. We are certified to ISO 9001:2000, conforming to the highest international standards for the design and manufacture of our range of products.

Automatic number plate recognition cameras

PIPS's award-winning P372 Spike+ camera is a fully integrated ANPR camera capable of reading a vehicle number plate every second. Spike+ has been installed for projects all over the world, providing enforcement to the Transport for London Congestion Charging Scheme, Western Extension Zone and Low Emission Zone. Other high-profile installations include providing security for the city of Warsaw and deploying a ‘ring of steel’ around various UK cities and counties.

ANPR number plate recognition cameras for carriageways

The P382 SpikeHD camera, launched in 2008, was designed for use in the highest performance applications, where it is necessary to provide ANPR across a full 4m carriageway. SpikeHD is also fully integrated, limiting the amount of hardware required for installation onto a highways infrastructure.

PIPS Technology has installed 4,000 ANPR cameras for Trafficmaster for a travel-time system. We have also deployed ANPR cameras covering over 1,000 lanes of England’s motorways and road network for the Highways Agency’s Traffic Control Centre project.

Journey time measurement system software

Accurate journey time measurement is becoming increasingly important to local councils around the UK as they struggle to cope with the growing levels of congestion on the roads. The PIPS Journey Time Measurement System (JTMS) software is able to provide users with real-time and accurate monitoring of road network performance and congestion. JTMS software has been proven in projects throughout the UK, Europe and worldwide.

High-quality ANPR cameras and systems

PIPS products are designed and manufactured to the highest possible standards. The capture rates offered by our range of cameras are the highest available and work 24-hours a day, in any weather conditions. With over 15,000 ANPR cameras installed worldwide, PIPS is able to give expert advice on the most effective ANPR solutions.

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