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Digital Video Laser Speed and Red Light Enforcement Systems

Sodi Scientifica is a leading producer of traffic safety devices, specializing in speed enforcement. With over 40 years of experience in the field, we have been providing quality products, services and relationships to our customers, suppliers and partners, through a customer-oriented organization and ISO 9001:2000 certified processes.

The Autovelox® line is made up of across-the-road, laser speed-detection devices. All Autovelox systems can work, either attended or unattended, inside a stationary vehicle, within our Autobox fixed cabinet, or on a tripod, and they can detect both cars, trucks and motorcycles.

Digital video, laser speed enforcement systems

The Autovelox 105SE incorporates touch-screen technology and intuitive user-interface software based on Microsoft® Windows XP, which make it very easy to use. It can be connected to a network to allow full remote management of all enforcement parameters and download of images and violation data.

Each violation triggers two digital pictures - an overall view of the detection area and a close-up of the rear number plate. All data and images are permanently stored on a non-rewritable (WORM) compact disk, thus ensuring that they are original evidences.

The Autovelox 105SE can operate on either side of a road with a width of three lanes or less, in order to allow detection from a fixed cabinet placed between two carriageways. The system can also transmit captured images to a downstream patrol by means of a wireless, undetectable system, in order to issue the ticket on the spot.

Laser speed detection systems

The Autovelox104e consists of a laser speed detection system, a single or dual video camera, and an integrated video recorder and video printer. The system is designed to operate on single or dual carriageways roads.

Thanks to its undetectable Bluetooth® wireless transmission, the entire unit requires only one cable for hook up. For vehicle-mounted installations, the laser mounts on the vehicle’s roof or hood on a magnetic base so there is no need for cabling.

Additional features are:

  • Positioning to the left or right of the traffic flow
  • Storage of data for up to 100,000 violating vehicles (date, time, speed, length, direction of travel, locality, number of image)
  • Downloadable via the Ethernet port, and storage up to 1,200 pictures (using a 60 minutes tape) with optimal license plate legibility due to the fixed imaging distance

Autostop HD – red light and speed enforcement camera

The Autostop HD consists of a digital camera with an integrated flash for night-time operation installed in a road side pole. To confirm a violation, the Autostop HD takes a second photo. Both photos show the rear of the vehicle jumping the lights with all the data necessary for reporting the violation. Upon client request a ten seconds video can be recorded to further validate the infraction.

Autostop HD has built in ANPR (OCR), automatic clock adjustment trough GPS, automatic local or remote download of data, photo resolution up to 15 megapixel and allows viewing of operation on a tablet PC.

Autostop HD is available with visible or infrared flash, in this last case the photos will be in black and white. Autostop HD is available with inductive loops or with non intrusive laser sensors. Autostop HD can enforce the following violations:

  • Red Light running
  • Speed
  • Improper use of lane in the proximity of a stop light

KV Laser – laser traffic flow counter

The KV Laser is an innovative system designed to monitor traffic flow. Quickly deployed, KV Laser is a stand-alone unit, which does not require external detectors. This eliminates the need of disruptive road works.

KV Laser is at the cutting-edge of the latest technology. Data can easily be exported directly into any standard spread-sheet software package for analysis.

The KV Laser can also be easily transferred from one location to another without traffic disruption.

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