Traffic Speed Measurement Systems

Speedar are designers of speed measurement systems and vehicle activated signs used for evaluation, education and enforcement in traffic applications. Systems are equipped with photographic or video facilities to record speed violations.

Speedar products have been exported to over 25 countries and have been sold to over 20 police authorities in the UK.

Traffic speed enforcement handheld radar

The Speedar is a type-approved handheld Doppler radar unit that can be used with confidence on roads with opposing traffic flows. The unit is microcomputer-controlled with built-in time and date facility. The large backlit LCD screen can display the speed, time and date of the event, direction of the targeted vehicle and the speed limit of the location.

The Speedar's data can be provided in mph, km/h or knots, and the unit can be equipped with RS232 link to output speed, date and time readings.

Traffic flow survey and speed recorder

The Speedlog is based on the established Speedar radar, with the addition of in-built memory. It allows traffic engineers to conduct surveys and record speeds and times of traffic flow without having to record them manually. This removes any risk of human error.

On completion of the exercise the data can be downloaded to a computer, saving considerable time. Average speed, vehicle count and direction of travel are all displayed.

Speed measuring radar, camera and video unit

The Speedvision is a handheld or tripod-mounted speed-measuring Doppler radar unit combined with a high quality Sony camera and viewing screen. The unit is capable of outputting a video signal with speed, direction, time and date information superimposed on the frame. The output can be sent to a video printer for immediate printing or to a video recorder for later analysis and action.

Digital vehicle video recorder

The Speedvision digital video recorder is designed as a completely portable solution to the requirement for video evidence of speeding offences.

With its large battery capacity and ample hard disk size it can be used continuously for long periods before requiring recharging. With the facility to mark events and view these separately from the bulk recording it becomes simple to find the desired video of a particular event.

The inbuilt search facility allows the operator to easily find recordings made on a particular day and at a particular time, and the event menus allow the operator to set the pre-record time and the length of event that will be recorded after the event trigger.

The provision of an SD card socket allows the transfer of event recordings to a memory card so that they can be viewed on a computer elsewhere. An audio channel is available, allowing additional information to be recorded during events or at any other time.

The video output socket allows either real-time video or the recorded video to be connected to a video printer so that instant prints of offences may be made. It may also be fed to an ANPR system for the immediate detection of wanted vehicles or to allow the many database functions of the ANPR system to be carried out, (e.g. stolen vehicle search, terrorist tracking, drug dealer tracking, etc.).

Vehicle activated speed measurement signs

Vehicle activated signs are an invaluable means of educating drivers that are exceeding the designated speed limit. Displays are available with two or three digits with either remote, attached or integral radar speed measurement heads.

Speedar vehicle activated signs may be post, vehicle or trailer-mounted or stand-alone portable units.

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