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Road and Horizontal Markings


Geveko Markings provides road-marking and other horizontal markings for the transport industry. We produce marking materials for all types of road marking jobs and horizontal markings.

Our materials for road markings and horizontal markings fulfil various demands and are used for different marking projects around the world. Whether it is a parking area with PlastiRoute® cold plastic material in Egypt or a bicycle marking in preformed thermoplastic PREMARK® in France, we do our utmost to deliver the right type and quality of marking material for your road marking job.

We have over 60 years' experience and knowledge from the marking industry, and our products are produced at production plants in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany and England.

Thermoplastic road marking material

The certified thermoplastic road marking material ViaTherm® is useable for normal, special and structural markings on trafficked roads. ViaTherm can be used for both agglomerate markings and flat line marking, and can be extruded, sprayed or manually applied.

Cold plastic for trafficked roads marking

PlastiRoute cold plastic can be used for Type I, Type II and special markings on trafficked roads. The PlastiRoute cold plastic markings are characterised by durability, low abrasion and low dirt pick-up. Both the fine cold plastic, rough cold plastic and cold spray plastic is offered as two and three-component systems.

Preformed thermoplastic road marking

The preformed thermoplastic road marking PREMARK is for city markings, smaller road marking jobs, horizontal road signs and symbols, and special markings. The preformed thermoplastic is easily applied all year round with a broom and a gas burner. The product range includes all officially registered traffic symbols, traffic signs, letters, numbers and arrows.

Water-borne road marking paint

AquaRoute® water-borne paint is for centre lines and edge lines on country roads and national roads on less trafficked roads. The water-borne paint is environmentally friendly and ideal in relation to safety issues.

Solvent-borne road marking paint

The high solid product HSRoute® is solvent-borne road paint. Solvent-borne road paints cover different applications, from normal Type I and Type II road markings to indoor markings in parking houses and warehouses.

Creative symbols and playground markings

The creative symbols and decorative DecoMark® markings provide solutions for individual and special designs of logos, games, playground markings, and much more.

Road marking contractor

Geveko Markings operates as a road marking contractor in 12 European countries. Some jobs are individual jobs like marking a parking place for a private company, where as others are long-term functional contracts for road authorities or municipalities.

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Geveko: Marking the Future 26 June 2012 Geveko offers the full range of materials for horizontal markings, and is marking the future with water borne paint, thermoplastic, preformed thermoplastic, tactile markings and cold plastic and LED markings.

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