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Ennis Prismo Road Markings is one of the leading manufacturers of road marking products and road safety systems in the world. The company has a highly skilled and experienced team specialising in the following areas:

  • Road markings
  • Road studs
  • Traffic safety solutions
  • Anti-skid products
  • Coloured and decorative surfacing
  • Bridge expansion joints
  • Jointing
  • Sealing and crack repair systems
  • Road-marking performance analysis
  • Contracting services

Thermoplastic, paint and plastic road markings

We have an extensive range of hot-applied thermoplastic, solvent or water-based paint and cold MMA plastic road markings that are manufactured in accordance with BSEN1871, certified to BSEN1436 road performance and maintain the Kitemark Licence scheme.

The materials for our road markings are designed for optimum audibility, sensory awareness, luminance, retro-reflectivity, skid resistance, wet-night visibility, durability and delineation. These screed, spray, extrusion and structured materials are formulated for performance in all climatic conditions.

Products in our range of thermoplastic, paint and plastic road markings include Rainline, Zebrabright, Vibraline, Nitesite and Lifeline.

Road studs

Stimsonite® road studs were the first of their kind over 40 years ago and have led the industry in product innovation, quality, value and service ever since.

Snow-plowable road studs

Stimsonite snow-plowable road studs were pioneered over 30 years ago, bringing a critical safety system to highway networks subject to heavy snowfall. Combined with the Prismo range of markers, they provide a cost-effective, safe delineation to drivers in the most adverse weather conditions.

Wet/night traffic safety systems

Based on the Ennis Prismo patented Clusterbead technology, delivering retro-reflectivity of up to 800mcd, Colourbright and Zebrabright wet/night, low-cost traffic safety systems help reduce accidents at blackspot locations.

Anti-skid road surfaces

Ennis Prismo's leading, innovative anti-skid Suregrip, Tyregrip and Zebraflex products consist of either hot thermoplastic or cold epoxy resin with a high friction aggregate. They are offered in a range of colours. The surfaces reduce breaking distance, and can be used for effective highway-demarcation and accident-reduction applications.

Coloured and decorative surfacing for roads

Our Imprint durable synthetic surfacing material provides a viable, cost-effective alternative to block paving. Our Stonegrip coloured and decorative surfacing for roads incorporates surface-bound decorative aggregate suitable for highway and non-highway enhancement applications.

Bridge joints, sealants and crack repair systems

A proven combination of elastomer-modified binders and selected aggregates, backed by more than 20 years' experience, provides a unique range of asphaltic bridge expansion joints and bituminous crack repair materials.

Our joint sealants meet the requirements of EN 14188-1: 2004: Sealant Class Type N2. Products include Thormajoint, Fibrescreed and Multiseal 40.

Road-marking performance analysis

ECODYN from Prismo offers a high-speed (up to 97km/hr) mobile system for the evaluation of the daytime and night-time performance of road markings. This assessment can be carried out in heavy traffic and highlights any non-compliance with specifications of up to 300km of markings per day. The results are presented in the form of graphs or computer files containing the mean values for contrast and reflectivity over distances of 100m to 1km.

A handheld analysis system is also available where required.

Contracting services for road markings and coverings

As well as manufacturing a wide range of road markings and coverings, Ennis Prismo also has an extensive contracting capability. This means that where required we can customise products for you, or provide demonstrations to your workforce on how to achieve the best from our products.

About Ennis Prismo

The company has over 75 years' experience in the traffic safety solution industry, and continues to deliver innovative and cost-effective traffic safety solutions. The Ennis Prismo manufacturing site in Chorley, UK is the biggest of its kind in Europe and incorporates manual as well as fully automated production lines. This enables us to meet high volume demand as well as catering for specialist requirements.

Ennis Prismo is part of Ennis Traffic, the world's largest producer of horizontal road safety markings. Ennis was founded in 1976 and dominates the road marking industry in North and South America as well as covering the Asia Pacific region.

Together the Ennis Prismo group has over 100 years of history behind it. Our product range and contracting capabilities are unrivalled, and we strive to continue to deliver the highest-quality service to our customers.

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