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Road Markings, High Friction Surfacing, Road Studs and Highway Retexturing

Established in 1987, WJ Linkline specialises in the application of temporary road markings for traffic management systems, permanent road markings, road studs and high friction surfacing. We also provide services for highway retexturing and the removal of rubber, oils and runway markings in the aviation industry.

Based in four strategically placed depots throughout the UK, we can offer a local and national service that is unrivalled by our competitors.

Removal of road markings and high friction surfacing

We are the industry leader in the removal of road markings and high friction surfacing, thanks to our Hydroblast technology. Operating the very latest equipment and technology, WJ Linkline has a fleet of Hydroblast 8000 and 4000 machines that cover the whole of the UK.

Since the formation of the company we have found the machines are so versatile that we are leaders in the highway, aviation and decorative surfacing markets, not only for removing road markings, bitumen, rubber, oils and fuels, but also increasing micro and macro texture to the existing road surfaces. This makes highways and airports that we service a safer place to be.

Road marking removal machine

The Hydroblast 4000 is powered by a 40,000psi (2,750bar) water blaster operating at 6gal/min (22.7l/min). This machine, with its versatile and manoeuvrable buggy, is ideal for the removal of road markings, high friction surfacing, highway spillages, retexturing and aircraft stand cleaning. It has a head width of between 150mm to 350mm and the revolutionary swing-arm on the buggy allows for efficient removal as it sweeps through a 1m radius with a single pass.

Highway retexturing and runway rubber removal machine

The Hydroblast 8000 has all the benefits of the 4000 machine but has the added versatility of a bumper-mounted head. The cleaning width is between 150mm and 700mm and it has a larger power unit operating 12gal/min (45.42l/min) at 40,000psi (2,750bar).

This increase in power is noticeable in the increase in productivity when it comes to larger projects. It is ideal for highway retexturing and rubber removal on airport runways as well as the removal of road marking, high friction surfacing, highway spillages and bitumen.

Liquid and solid debris recovery system

The need for secondary clean-up operations is completely eliminated with the Hydroblast vacuum recovery system. The recovery of liquid and solid debris occurs immediately and simultaneous with the blasting process. Both the Hydroblast 4000 and 8000 have this unique vacuum recovery system, which separates liquids from solids, making disposal easy.

Temporary and permanent road markings

We offer a permanent road marking service using highly skilled and qualified operatives, supported by a management team with decades of road marking experience and using the latest and newest fleet of vehicles in our industry we always deliver on time, in time.

We have laid thermoplastic, screed, spray, extrusion and ribline that meet the requirements of BSEN1436 on all Highway Agency areas throughout the country and local authorities within the central area of England. Other types of road marking schemes that we undertake are Highway Agency construction management frameworks, large to medium construction sites, resurfacing schemes, car parks and school playgrounds.

Permanent road studs

To work in conjunction with our road marking business we have invested over the last few years in our own machinery and trained crews, in order to supply the industry with permanent road studs that meet all aspects of BS EN 1463. These range from traditional cats-eye milled studs to the high performing Armourstud 360 / 180, 3M's 590 and the Roadcraft 301. Other permanent road studs on offer include the 3M 290 stick-on road stud.

High friction surfacing

W J Linkline is a BBA / HAPAS approved installer of both hot and cold applied high friction surfacing that meets clause 924 of the specification for highway works.

Traffic calming and road safety schemes

An addition service within our portfolio we can offer our customers is a full solution package when it comes to traffic calming and road safety. We are able to manage schemes from conception to completion that include both high friction surfacing, road marking and road studs throughout the United Kingdom.

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