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Road Measuring and Testing Equipment

As a renowned Swiss manufacturer Zehntner Testing Instruments offers a broad range of measuring and testing equipment for the road sector. Our innovative top products ZRM 6014 retroreflectometer RL / Qd and ZDR 6020 Dynamic retroreflectometer RL feature the latest technology and set new standards for road marking measurements.

Retroreflectometers for road markings

The ZVR 6000 is designed for the fast visual comparative assessment of the night visibility (RL). The ZVR 6000 can inspect dry or wet road markings under real conditions in the same geometry as the driver sees it for first-hand impression on the visual appearance, as well as distribute and embed glass beads, and much more. The ZVR 6000 is a budget-priced little helper for everybody.

The ZRM 6013 high-precision measuring instrument for all applications provides precise, on-the-spot measurement of night (RL) and day visibility (Qd) within seconds. What’s more, the instrument also gathers important ambient data like GPS coordinates, temperature and humidity. All data is easily downloadable to the computer for comprehensive documentation and reporting. The ZRM 6013 is the best choice for road marking professionals who need fast and reliable results.

On top of the features of the best-selling ZRM 6013 model, the ZRM 6014, Zehntner's most recent development for on-the-spot measurement, features useful innovations for optimised ergonomics and user friendliness. The main focus has been put on speeding up the measuring process: RL and Qd are measured in approximately two seconds. Single measurements of RL or Qd take only one second each. The large, well-arranged, colour touchscreen and intuitive menu guidance provide easy operation.

Retroreflectometer configuration

Newly-designed and sturdy aluminium housing, built-in extendable foldaway handles and fixed-mounted wheels offer ergonomic operation in the field as well as in laboratories. An extensive choice of set of options allows configuring our instruments according to individual requirements. A level meter determines the gradient of the road, a compass indicates the orientation and a GPS receiver allows precise positioning of the results.

Another innovation is the optional built-in camera for pictures of the marking when measuring geometry. This is especially helpful for documenting marking type, colour and heavy soiling.

All data can be transferred to a computer or memory stick within seconds, either via the standard USB-interface or via an optional Bluetooth-interface, and all information can be displayed on the included mapping software for comprehensive documentation and reporting.

Finally, a built-in printer for printing measuring results on the spot completes the package of options.

Night visibility and long-distance ambient data measuring system

The ZDR 6020 is a dynamic measuring system for the fast and precise recording of the night visibility and important ambient data of long distances or large areas. The markings of complete road networks are measured at speeds up to 120km/h (75mph). For evaluation, a well-arranged Excel-sheet, PDF report or graphic representation on digital maps provides an easy overview of the condition of the markings. Thus, the available budget can be planned and applied purposefully and effectively.

Retroreflectometer measuring and testing equipment

Our decades of experience in development and manufacturing of retroreflectometers, as well as our continuous work in international standardisation, has resulted in our excellent catalogue of products.

"We gave careful thought to user friendliness", says Peter Zehntner, owner and managing director of the Swiss instrument manufacturer. "Our customers expect reliable instruments with state-of-the-art technology."

All Zehntner products are sophisticated and cutting-edge with special attention to detail. Zehntner instruments have a reputation for high-quality reference instruments all over the world.

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