Variable Message Signs, Traffic Lights and Urban Traffic Equipment

Desarrollo de Sistemas Tecnologicos Avanzados (DSTA) is an international company which specialises in the design and manufacture of LED-based traffic systems. Half of our workforce consists of engineers that are dedicated to R&D. This, in turn, has translated into technological innovation and product design differentiation, which is our greatest competitive edge.

DSTA is the unquestionable market leader for traffic light systems in Spain, spanning over 90% of the market, as well as one of the main suppliers for variable message signs (VMS) and innovative urban traffic solutions.

Variable message signs for roads

With variable message signs (VMS) in accordance with the latest international standards and EN12966 compliant, DSTA is one of the most important market players in the VMS world and manufactured 60% of the VMS's published to tender by the DGT (Spanish Highway Agency) last year. Our key to success has been to provide highly reliable systems at competitive prices so that our final customers associate DSTA's equipment as technologically advanced and accessible. DSTA's VMS's latest designs include:

  • High-luminosity, high-legibility while low consumption (350W for a VMS with 2RGB areas and an alphanumerical area with three lines of text)
  • Lower costs for final customers
  • Innovative and elegant mechanical design
  • Capable of displaying all kinds of characters such as Arabic and Chinese
  • Unbeatable delivery times

Alphanumerical variable message road signs

Along with DSTA's expanding engineering capacity, our product portfolio for VMS has also followed suit. DSTA portfolio includes displays with alphanumerical line areas and/or full-color RGB areas in full matrix technology.

DSTA customises each design to exceed its final customers' requirements; this is why we have identified two different product lines, highway VMSs and urban VMSs, which are adapted to each environment. DSTA's flexibility to adapt its technological know-how to successfully fulfil customer's requirements has also been a key factor to international success, where each country has their own regulations and preferences.

LED traffic lights

In 2008 DSTA won the Energy Diversification and Saving Institute (IDAE) project, whereby we supplied 462,000 LED traffic light optics in less than four months to over 600 city councils.

Today, DSTA has manufactured and sold over one million traffic light optics and has developed over 100 different traffic light models. DSTA has a diverse portfolio of optics, traffic light housings (designer and standard modals) and accessories such as audio warning signs for the sight-impaired, push buttons and many more.

Pedestrian warning signs for pedestrian crossings

DSTA has recently developed and installed an innovative solution called the Light Line which is aimed at increasing pedestrian warning at pedestrian crossings. This solution is based on LED technology and is embedded into the pavement, next to the traffic light. The light line is then synchronised with pedestrian traffic lights, and turns red / green depending on the traffic situation.

The solution is designed to provide greater warning and fewer accidents in busy crossings. Its design is both innovative and practical and catches both citizens and city council's attention as it is unique in the market.

Road marker solutions

Over the years DSTA identified a gap in the market and a need to develop a robust road marker solution, which could withstand extreme weather conditions and heavy machinery (including snow ploughs) to help passengers reach their destination safely. As a result, DSTA designed and developed a completely flat road stud - something unheard of in the market until today.

Integrated LED warning signs and street lighting solutions

DSTA's wide product portfolio of LED-based products means that we have been able to develop integrated solutions by combining our expertise across the niche sectors in which we operate. Our latest example is our Smart Crosswalk solution which combines LED street lighting, VMSs, road lane markers and Light Lines, with the latest presence detectors to increase safety and help the flow of traffic in crossing with / without traffic lights.

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