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City Security Control Systems

ekin Technology was founded in 1998 in Istanbul and is a leading market and technology firm for city security control systems. Thanks to its image network and equipment, high-quality workmanship, solidity and practical usage, ekin Technology offers easily integrated products with short and fast updating cycles. These are designed according to the latest technology and as a result of our aim to provide leading image and digital data evaluation systems.

ekin Technology also serves the Middle East, Africa, Russia, Turkic Republics and Europe. The company has a multi-national corporation structure that can export technology across the globe.

Crowd control and security infrastructures

ekin Technology specialises in creating complete solutions for places where it is necessary to control the crowd, such as industry centres, complexes, wide areas and city centres. In addition to our complete range of existing solutions, the company can also provide solutions for setting up, improving and maintaining security infrastructures for special demands and occasions using its trademark ekin Technology software.

Guidance for all systems, project management, process completion, periodic care, and mobile team support are also provided for all kind of systems. ekin Technology aims to serve numerous solutions in a fast and efficient way, and with its wide range of products, enhances its existence in the market day by day.

Number plate recognition systems

Our number plate recognition systems are designed to determine the plates of road vehicles correctly and analyse this information. Local or foreign, the system accurately determines all types of plates, automatically compares obtained information from a database and generates alarms. The system is best suited to traffic surveillance, determination of quested or stolen vehicles and various security applications, control parking and entry permits.

Mobile number plate recognition system

ekin Technology's mobile plate recognition system needs to be vehicle-mounted and provides improved directing and reporting services. Checks on plate information can be obtained using a 3G modem with the database. The system is perfect for determining quested or illegal vehicles and following negative prescription.

Red light violation system

Our red light violation system works alongside plate recognition system to determine the red light violations immediately on the lanes under its responsibility. This enables automatic license plate control by taking photos of the violating vehicles, and can also start the process of issuing an immediate fine receipt when integrated with a suitable system.

Speed limit violation system

This system determines any speed limit violations that take place immediately on the lanes under its responsibility. The system works with the plate recognition system to enable automatic license plate control by taking photos of the violating vehicles. It can also issue an immediate fine receipt when integrated with a suitable system.

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