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Lowering Systems for Surveillance Cameras, Traffic Cameras, and Lighting

MG Squared

MG Squared is the original developer and provider of the world's first lowering system designed specifically for use with surveillance cameras and other ITS devices. The company also focuses on lighting, classification and detection cameras, CCTV and maintenance solutions for road infrastructure applications.

While other companies may claim experience with lighting lowering devices, it was the innovators at MG Squared who realized and responded to the challenges being presented in the maintenance of roadway surveillance cameras by providing the first lowering device designed specifically for a camera.


Most cameras being used to improve traffic flow and eliminate congestion upon the roadways have actually caused lane closures, congestion and hazards when the local bucket truck team is deployed to access and service the equipment.

Our lowering system allows a camera to be lowered to ground level for safe, simple and fast maintenance. The utilization of a camera lowering device provides benefits in both the maintenance and design of any ITS surveillance system.

During operation, the entire camera and housing are unlatched from the position atop a pole and lowered on a stainless steel aircraft cable to ground level. When the camera is lowered, the only cable traveling within the pole is the lowering cable. The sensitive data and video cable are secure and separated inside the pole. The data and video cables are not subjected to stress or bending over pulleys during the operation. Alignment pins cause the camera to re-latch in the same position every time.


Typical maintenance for mounted cameras is by means of bucket / lift truck and proves time-consuming and hazardous. The availability of such trucks can cause a camera to remain off-line for several hours to several weeks.

With the MG Squared lowering device, the need for a bucket / lift truck is eliminated. Previously required lane closings, cone crews, and work zones are eliminated. Maintenance can now be performed on the ground by one service technician with the use of a portable lowering tool that can fit in the trunk / boot of a small car. The best location for the pole and camera can be successfully achieved without sacrificing maintainability.


With the use of a lowering system, surveillance camera designs are no longer limited by location or mounting height. With higher mounting heights, a strategically placed camera can achieve a larger area of view. It is evident that a single camera mounted at 18m to 30m can do the work of three or more cameras mounted at 12m or lower, thereby increasing effectiveness, maintainability and efficiency using less cameras and poles.


MG Squared utilizes the highest quality, military grade Hypalon® contact connectors for unsurpassed durability and performance. MG Squared has also developed an external mount-lowering system for use with any existing structures at any height. This allows for the retrofitting of any existing camera deployment. MG Squared has provided external mount systems on existing bridges, communication towers and poles. Our devices are designed to complement any camera manufacturer and mount upon any type of structure or column whether it is steel, concrete, wooden, aluminum or fiberglass. Our team of engineers can provide a solution for any application.

MG Squared is the primary provider of camera lowering technology to the US Dept. of Transport, US Dept. of Defense, Office of Homeland Security and US Customs Service. MG Squared systems are currently used and specified worldwide in Australia, Canada, South Korea, South America, and the Middle East, with increasing demand in Europe. With thousands of installations throughout the world, the MG Squared camera lowering device has become an integral part on any ITS project. If you are involved in the maintenance or design of camera sites, this is one concept you must consider.

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