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Road Management Solutions (RMS) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of signage and road safety products in Australia. With over 40 years' experience, a national presence (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Townsville and Adelaide) and an unrivalled reputation for value, quality and service, RMS remains the leader in road safety.

RMS has an extensive range of products and services which includes Regulatory and Guide signs, LED Electronic signs, Traffic Control Products, Crash Cushions and Barriers, Truck Mounted Attenuators, Traffic Calming products, Installation and Maintenance services, and various Traffic Management products.

Traffic and safety signs

RMS is a one-stop-shop for all yourtraffic and safety signs. We offer our customers a diverse range of services in sign manufacturing, design and installation. We specialise in the complete signage solution which includes traffic signs, safety signs, transport signs, guide signs, temporary signs and sign stands & accessories.

Our signs are manufactured using the latest advances in printing, and modern computer design and operating technologies. This, coupled with our highly skilled staff, has given us a reputation for creativity, quality and efficiency.The style and structure of signs is limitless. Custom signs are easily created by our designers who can put your ideas into reality. We can offer much more than the standard 'give way' road sign.

Installation and maintenance services

The RMS Installation Specialists have the industry knowledge and experience necessary to ensure your safety products are maintained and installed correctly. Some of our installation and maintenance services include:

  • Major and minor sign posting
  • Installation of safety barriers, speed humps, crash cushions, fencing and bollards
  • Maintenance of bus shelters and bus stops
  • Rural addressing
  • Line marking
  • Maintenance of car parks with traffic calming, line marking, signage, wheel stops and mirrors

Our installers are ticketed with Australian Road Authorities and work closely with large civil contractors and local councils to ensure their projects are delivered in a timely manner. Our installer's standout from the crowd for a number of reasons, including:

  • A range of equipment, such as fleets of tucks and utes, diggers, excavators and service-finding equipment
  • Induction for Construction White cards and Traffic Management tickets
  • Quality certification
  • High levels of personal protective equipment (PPE) and first aid certifications
  • On-going training and development to ensure all industry standards are met

Crash barriers

RMS offers a range of crash barriers to prevent errant vehicles from breaking through a worksite and safely redirect the vehicle onto the road. The DB80 is a state-of-the-art portable concrete barrier that provides positive protection and creates a safer working zone for roadside workers. Crash tested to EN1317, the DB80 offers a low deflection, high containment levels and small working widths.

These high-performance F-shape barriers ensure safety at the highest level is provided through the use of tested and quality checked components, such as the coupling system encased in each barrier. The coupling system and a high-quality steel tension bar, which runs longitudinally through each barrier, guarantees a crash-worthy connection between individual barriers, preventing vehicles from breaking through. The crash-tested coupling system also ensures a simple and uncomplicated assembly, shifting and disassembly during progressive stages of construction.

Temporary portable rumble strips

RMS continues to lead the way in road safety solutions with the cutting-edge portable rumble strip, Road Quake. Road Quake portable rumble strips are an incomparable hazard-warning device used to improve work zone safety, reduce vehicle speed and increase motorists' awareness as they approach and drive through active work zones.

Road Quake is a traverse rumble strip that notifies drivers to road changes through significant sounds and vibrations. The bevelled surfaces of the rumble strips create an audible sound and reverberation through the vehicle to keep drivers alert of the surrounding changes.

Road Quake portable rumble strips are ideal for work zones where daily installation and removal of the work zone is frequently required as they do not require adhesives, epoxies, fasteners or nails for installation.

Fleet vehicle fit outs

RMS supports traffic managers and civil contractors with a turnkey solution for vehicle fit outs. We work in partnership with customers to create tailored traffic management and safety products. We project manage the supply and fit-out of the signage, electronics and safety products. We can customise a number of different vehicles, including:

  • Reverse cameras
  • Two-way radios
  • Reverse beepers
  • Arrow boards
  • Custom sign racks
  • Vehicle decals
  • Signs
  • Sign stands
  • Traffic cones
  • Fire extinguishers
  • First aid kit
  • Contact road management solutions

We have branches in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Please contact us to find out how we can assist you and what we can offer your road safety project.

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