Road Safety, LED Street Light and Research & Development


Sernis is a Portuguese company with a dynamic spirit and a connection to innovation, with a commitment to quality and competitiveness.

Sernis is competent in both R&D and manufacture, and has been a leader in road safety markets.

Road safety

Sernis has several models of road studs for different applications and conditions. Their main strengths are versatility, luminosity and durability. Moreover, all Sernis studs are completely reliable and 100% waterproof.

Sernis Hardwired Power Light Road Studs are robustly constructed, which makes the SR-20CP, SR-45, SR-48, and SR-70 models suitable for harsh conditions, such as snow or fog. They have high brightness during day and night.

Created to resist extreme conditions, the SR-45 (unidirectional) and SR-48 (bidirectional) are extremely high-quality studs.

With a 360º light view, SR-70 is the latest Sernis stud, specifically developed for use in airports with the parking of airplanes. Already in use at Lisbon Airport, it is the stud with the highest mechanical strength of all, and supports up to 135t.

Sernis's solar studs are low-power consumption and high autonomy. With visibility up to 1km, SR-15 and SR-20 are ideal for places that don't have public energy.

Specially developed to provide guidance on cycle paths, the SR-35 also has 360º lighting, which provides guidance and warning to cyclists and vehicle drivers.

Sernis's solar road studs have a new feature: after 24 hours without being activated, they go into SLEEP MODE. Which means that now they can be stored for long periods of time without reaching critical levels of power.

Designed for tunnel applications, SR-T24 requires no maintenance and is very easy to replace.

Flexible bollards

Sernis's flexible bollards are extremely resistant to impacts with high memory and ultraviolet protection. SR-BALI has high-reflective 3M material strips and Swarovski glass elements strip reflectors. They're available in several sizes and colours.

LED signs

Sernis has a wide range of LED road signs, all made with the very best quality material, such as 3M diamond grade reflectors and Nichia LED. This ensures the LED signs have high durability and brightness.

Apart from standard products, Sernis can produce any kind of sign, with any dimensions, by request.


Sernis has several varieties of variable message signs (VMS). The company also manufactures and customises any type of VMS by request.

Traffic speed radar

The Sernis traffic radar system has traffic enforcement speed and monitoring data for precise recording of speed violations and prevention of traffic offences. Available in fixed and portable versions, both have real-time image visualisation and remote access communication.

LED street lights

The LED luminaries developed by Sernis are products with evolutionary technological development in sustainability. These are high performance luminaries providing excellent lighting, while consuming very low levels of energy. They can also replace conventional luminaries, without the need to implement new infrastructures.

Furthermore, Sernis has LED floodlights for outdoors and tunnel applications, and also LED crosswalk lights.

Other projects

Sernis has developed integrated solutions for road safety in addition to the above. The SR-IDS intelligent ice detector allows accurate monitoring of the possibility of ice formation in any dangerous place for drivers and the Outdoor and Indoor Parking System with real-time image processing, which helps drivers find parking spots.

Research and development

Sernis's R&D department has developed some interesting projects relating to road safety:

  • Crosswalk eye - this device can help pedestrians with visual disabilities to decide when to cross streets that don't have traffic lights. The system uses real-time image processing to verify the existence of vehicles near the crosswalk, producing one of three different beeps / states / messages depending on road traffic.
  • Intelligent pedestrian crossing system - can reduce significantly the number of road accidents on crosswalks. The SR-IPCS detects pedestrians at crosswalks by real-time image processing, managing automatically the activation of a set of arnings through vertical signs and road studs to alert drivers in a safe and effective way.
  • Road stud infrared for enforcement system - intended to enlighten and enable the identification the plates of cars exceeding the speed limit. This stud is patented and is placed on the road surface, allowing a more precise area to be illuminated and consequently a more effectively night reading
  • Vehicle counter - this device does counting statistics of all classes of vehicles in a certain place. It is a low energy consumption system at a competitive price
  • Touch screen parking - an exclusive system for car parks that helps users to find their vehicles via a touchscreen display
  • Detector of vehicles travelling the wrong way - an intelligent and powerful real image-processing system, capable of detecting vehicles going the wrong way down a carriageway. The system triggers a set of mechanisms to alert the driver of the danger

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