Sony Intelligent Transportation Systems

Camera Technology for Intelligent Transportation Systems

Sony Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) develops and manufactures a range of camera products which are designed for the most challenging road traffic applications. Through our wealth of experience and available camera technology, we are able to understand both the special traffic environments and critical imaging requirements of intelligent transportation systems.

ITS applications are diverse: Sony offers over 30 camera models varying in resolution, speed, technology and interfaces to meet these challenging demands.

Compact high definition cameras for road traffic applications

In continuing its commitment to HD technology and superb picture quality for applications that require dynamic, high-resolution images and flexibility, Sony has expanded its popular FCB block series with two HD colour cameras: the FCB-EH4300 (20x lens) and the FCB-H11 (10x lens). These cameras incorporate a 1/3-type CMOS image sensor and boast approximately two million effective pixels for exceptional picture quality.

High sensitivity, multi-format video outputs (1080p/1080i/720p & NTSC/PAL), auto ICR for day / night function, plus wide-D, zone masking and E:Flip options, make the FCB-HD cameras ideal for intelligent traffic and IP monitoring applications

Intelligent traffic road cameras

Sony's FCB E Series of colour block cameras offer excellent picture quality, high sensitivity and are IP-ready (digital output – ITU-RBT656). We provide ten cameras ranging from 18x to 36x optical zoom lenses with outstanding features for intelligent traffic. 

Options include: progressive scan or interlace CCD sensors, auto ICR for day / night function, wide-dynamic range, image stablisation / StableZoom™ mode to reduce the appearance of shaky images, new white balance functions such as sodium vapor lamp mode and outdoor auto modes.

High-resolution cameras with Ethernet cabling

Experience the ultimate enhancements in intelligent traffic with Sony's line up of GigE Vision® cameras. You can extend your reach with long range Ethernet cabling allowing you to capture more details with resolution options of up to five mega pixels. Camera choices include:

  • NEW:  XCG-5005CR – 5MP resolution @15fps, raw colour output
  • NEW: XCG-U100CR – UXGA resolution @ 27fps, raw colour output
  • XCG-V60E - VGA resolution at 90fps, monochrome
  • XCG-SX97E-  SXGA resolution at 16fps, monochrome
  • XCG-U100E – UXGA resolution at 15fps, monochrome
  • XCG-5005E – five mega pixel at 15fps, monochrome

Best of all, all these cameras deliver the amazing sensitivity and picture quality you'd expect from the world leader in CCD image sensors, Sony.

Smart traffic cameras for CPU-intensive applications

In the world of smart cameras, Sony's 100 series is genius. The 1GHz VIA pentium-class processor is open to a variety of applications, thanks to its compatibility with leading software packages including Cognex® VisionPro™ software. 

512MB SDRAM allows you to remember more, and you can think fast with 90 frames per second (VGA resolution).  See the world in monochrome or color, SXGA or VGA and communicate better with a host of digital I / O interfaces like gigabit Ethernet and dual USB 2.0. Our 100 Series includes:

  • XCI-V100/XP – VGA resolution, monochrome
  • XCI-V100C/XP – VGA resolution, color
  • XCI-SX100/XP – SXGA resolution, monochrome
  • XCI-SX100C/XP – SXGA resolution, color

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