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Automatic Vehicle Detection and Classification and Automatic Vehicle Identification Technology

Congestion Charging Schemes (CCS) set out to reduce traffic volumes during peak periods, improve access for public transport systems and enable accurate traffic monitoring. These features generate the benefits of reduced travelling time, a decrease in carbon emissions and improved transportation infrastructure.

The success of any scheme is measured by public confidence and acceptance. If the public feel a CCS is not reliable, accurate or fair then there will be greater opposition, but if a scheme is proven to work effectively then the public's faith increases and the expansion or rollout of additional charging areas is the end result, London and Stockholm being prime examples. Diamond Consulting Services' Idris technology can help ensure such public satisfaction.

This article will briefly discuss the aspects associated with using Idris technology as part of a congestion charging scheme. Idris is an interoperable, algorithm-based software technology that uses in-ground loop sensors for Automatic Vehicle detection and Classification (AVC); Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) correlation; and enforcement triggers of a congestion charging system.

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