Romania Awards Pan European Corridor Project Contract

The Romania's Highways Company, CNADNR, has awarded €1bn ($1.4bn) in contracts to construct four highway segments of the IV Pan European Corridor.

CNADNR has awarded contracts worth €93m ($134.7m) to a consortium comprising Romstrade, Monteadriano Engenharia e Construcao and Donep Construct to build a portion of the Nadlac – Arad highway in Romania.

The Alpine Bau construction company has won a €100m ($144.9m) contract for the second segment of the Nadlac – Arad highway, which will form a part of the IV Paneuropean Corridor.

Spedition UMB SRL, Tehnostrade SRL and Carena SpA Impresa di Costruzioni have won €51m tender to build a first lot of the Timisoara to Lugoj highway segment, while the €108m second phase of the contract has been secured by Tirrena Scavi SpA, Societa Italiana per Condotte d'Acqua SpA and Cossi Costruzioni SpA.

A consortium comprising Tirrena Scavi, Societa Italiana per Condotte d'Acqua and Cossi Construzioni has secured a €165m ($239m) contract for the first phase of the Lugoj to Deva highway.

CNADNR has awarded a €134m contract to build the first phase of the Orastie-Sibiu highway segment, while Straco Grup SRL and Studio Corona SRL Civil Engineering won a €91.9m contract to carry out the second lot of the highway segment.

Strabag was won €134m ($194m) the first phase of the Orastie-Sibiu highway portion and the second lot has been secured by Straco Grup and Studio Corona Civil Engineering for €91.9m ($133m).

The third lot of the Orastie-Sibiu highway has been awarded to Impregilo for €147m ($213m), whereas the fourth phase has been awarded to a partnership between Astaldi, Euroconstruct Trading '98 and Astalrom for €117m ($169.5m).