Japan to Deliver Road Maintenance System to Vietnam

Japan has signed a contract with Vietnam to deliver a modern information system to help the country manage its 16,758km national road network.

The technical cooperation project will be launched in the middle of this year and will be delivered for a duration of two and half years.

The JPY345m ($4.3m) project will involve developing new information technologies for the management and monitoring of the current road conditions and will replace conventional forms of road maintenance including road cleaning, asphalting and water drainage.

A new data system will be built to analyse and determine road damage, required repairs and the rehabilitation costs involved.

The software will use new algorithm developed by Japan's Kyoto University and will require only 20 variables against 150 variables as requested by other similar softwares, according to Vietnam Business.

The system will help enhance Vietnam's road maintenance capacity, as the country has majorly concentrated investments towards road building rather than maintenance, according to the Japan International Co-operation Agency (JICA).