EchoMaster has designed integrated safety kit for large vehicles to reduce blind spot collisions.  

Due to larger side blind spot area, trucks are more likely to be involved in a sideswipe crash, especially with smaller vehicles, according to a study by the National Highway of Traffic Safety Administration.

Multi-camera systems have been found to be effective at removing blind spots in scenarios such as lane changing and reversing.

EchoMaster has integrated side mirrors with cameras to add visibility, without lending bulk to the truck, van or SUV’s exterior.

The integrated kit includes reverse and forward facing cameras that enhance rear and front vision, trailer cameras that assist with towing, and third brake light cameras to provide visibility into the bed of a driver’s truck.

"The system's side cameras are activated when turn signals are used."

EchoMaster claimed that its systems can be customised and fully integrated into the vehicle’s current electronic system without any hassle.

The system's side cameras get activated when turn signals are used, with speed sensing front cameras activating when the vehicle is going under a certain speed, while reverse cameras are triggered into operation when the vehicle is placed in reverse.

The kit with mirror caps is currently available for General Motors' full size SUV, medium-duty, light-duty and heavy-duty trucks from 2014-17, as well as 2014-17 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans. More vehicles will be added in the future.

This system on General Motors comes with a user interface that can be accessed on radio screen, enabling the driver to manually switch between cameras when required, as well as have a simultaneous view of multiple cameras.

Image: Blind spot integrated camera systems for GM vehicles. Photo: courtesy of EchoMaster via