All articles by Lucy Ingham

  1. Virtual sterling? Bank of England ponders digital currency

    4 Sep
  2. CBDCs and cross-border payments: Are central bank digital currencies the future?

    27 Aug
  3. Worst UK recession in recorded history sparks calls for digital recovery

    12 Aug
  4. Withings: From Nokia acquisition to $60m funding round

    28 Jul
  5. 5G growth, startup funding and post-Covid success: Verdict Magazine Issue 4 is Out Now

    16 Jul
  6. Christopher Wylie at H&M: From whistleblower to fashion data maven

    1 Jul
  7. “There is a permanent shift towards ecommerce”: Ikea CDO

    30 Jun
  8. Life as a Service: The unstoppable rise of the subscription model

    23 Jun
  9. Volvo self-driving trucks deal shows post-ownership isn’t just for consumers

    21 Nov