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Saint-Gobain ADFORS Asphalt Reinforcement Systems for Road Surfaces

Saint-Gobain ADFORS is an industry-leading company focused on the manufacture and processing of glass fibres and the distribution of a wide range of reinforcement fabrics, including pavement reinforcement solutions for the road industry.

A global company within the Innovative Materials Branch of Compagnie de Saint-Gobain, Saint-Gobain ADFORS offers some of the world’s best-known reinforcement brand names.

These include GlasGrid® asphalt pavement reinforcement, VERTEX® mesh fabrics, FibaTape® dry wall tapes, Novelio® wall coverings and the TWINFAB® reinforced glass veil. We also offer non-woven glass fibre products for industry applications.

Our worldwide manufacturing plants ensure reliability, quality and cost-effective material supply while our research facilities and global sales offices deliver a world-class service. We are committed to providing innovative solutions to our customer’s challenges and to developing breakthrough products.

Asphalt pavement reinforcement for roads and highways

ADFORS GlasGrid is specially engineered for the anti-cracking and structural reinforcement of asphalt layers for roads, highways, airports, parking lots, bridges and tramlines.

It is used as a self-adhesive grid for application on new or existing surfaces and can be offered as a CompoGrid system for milled surfaces.

ADFORS GlasGrid is also ideal for small local area repair of asphalt layers on critical areas of potholes, joints superstructures, utility trenches and around manholes. The product is also suited for special repairs of all types of surfaces covered by mastic asphalt.

Increased road lifetime with asphalt reinforcement grids

ADFORS GlasGrid increases the lifetime of a road by three times. It also provides a 50% reduction in future investment costs, a 25% reduction of the downward rut depth, and a 10% improvement in waterproofing and road drainage.

Other benefits of the ADFORS system include traffic jam reduction, safer roads, a quick and efficient installation, flexible delivery and high-quality service.

A portfolio of geogrids for asphalt pavement reinforcement

The ADFORS GlasGrid product line offers several types of geogrids, including:

  • GlasGrid GG, a self-adhesive geogrid for application on flat surfaces
  • GlasGrid CG, a heavy non-woven CompoGrid acting as a moisture membrane for application on milled surfaces
  • GlasGrid CGL, a lightweight non-woven CompoGrid for optimal asphalt retention on milled surfaces
  • GlasGrid PG, a patch grid with bitumen layer for fast application on all surfaces
  • GlasGrid PM, a patch manhole with bitumen layer cut to a special half-ring shape for fast and easy application around manholes
  • GlasGrid TF, a self-adhesive geogrid containing a patented, highly engineered film designed to replace the need for a tack coat

These products are available at several tensile strengths (50kN, 100kN, 200kN) and roll widths (between 1m and 3m) and can be delivered worldwide.

Durable waterproof seal for pothole repairs

Saint-Gobain ADFORS is also a distributor of the American Road Patch™. The Peel & Seal Pavement Patch embeds into the roadway, forming a waterproof seal for protection and the life extension of local pothole repairs.

Features and benefits of this patented technology include:

  • Easy application, with no special trucks or equipment required
  • Bonds to both asphalt and concrete
  • Plow-resistant
  • Complete road repairs without shutting down roadway

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GladGrid for Asphalt Overlays

The ability of asphalt to withstand tensile stress is limited.


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570 01 Litomysl

Czech Republic

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Sokolovska 106

570 01 Litomysl

Czech Republic

+420 461 651 110 LinkedIn