Connected vehicle services and transportation analytics provider INRIX has launched an artificial intelligence (AI) based traffic solution to provide specific and actionable road information to drivers.

Known as INRIX AI Traffic, the new solution features a geospatial engine that uses deep learning to offer better and more accurate traffic analytics.

The engine was trained on trillions of data points collected over a decade, the company said.

The launch of the INRIX AI Traffic is aimed at enabling drivers to reach their destinations faster with less stress. It will also enable businesses to make smarter decisions, and road authorities can access the information they need to help public safety.

INRIX chief technology officer Mark Daymond said: £AI seems like an intangible technology but INRIX is taking advantage of its endless capabilities to improve transportation around the world.

“By radically enhancing precision, timeliness, detail and coverage, INRIX AI Traffic is an evolution in traffic intelligence for connected cars and smart cities.”

From roadwork to accidents to everyday congestion, the new solution updates traffic conditions in real-time.

The new platform offers lane-by-lane precision to identify the speed of traffic in different lanes, helping drivers and road authorities make better-informed decisions.

INRIX AI Traffic can calculate speeds for every road in the world, from interstates to intersections, and country roads to neighbourhoods.

The company claims that its platform will ensure that drivers will reach their destination on-time, not even a minute later.

INRIX is the first company to roll out a crowd-sourced traffic network, the first provider of a map agonistic traffic solution with better granularity and coverage.