Smart Parking Solutions for Stadiums, Arenas and Venues

The more events and attendees to your facility, the more people trying to achieve the same task at the same time: parking. As a venue, you are aware that there are enough spaces, but the challenge is informing visitors and guiding them quickly and seamlessly into these spaces.

The problem lies in the way that these spaces are typically managed, which is commonly proven to be inefficient. Drivers are often left frustrated after spending too much time searching for a spot, often due to the lack real-time awareness and guidance of where spaces are actually available. By bouncing between lots that are unknowingly full, visitors may choose to park illegally or leave your venue altogether, resulting in lost revenue and unhappy customers.

The solution lies in a comprehensive software platform designed to meet the specific needs of outdoor parking areas. Cleverciti intelligent parking solutions are designed to help you gain access to insightful data that will optimize your parking operations and create an effortless experience for drivers to locate parking. Cleverciti is the first step in ensuring a seamless and hassle-free event experience for your visitors.

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