Intelligent transportation infrastructure technology company Applied Information has introduced its Internet of Things (IoT) Pedestrian Crossing Safety System (PCSS).

The solution, which comes in multiple configurations, is designed to improve pedestrian safety at midblock crosswalks.

Applied Information business development and marketing vice-president Peter Ashley said: “Crosswalks should be a safe place for pedestrians, yet more than 500 people are killed each year using them in the US.

“Using a combination of technologies, the PCSS creates an active safety zone that engages the pedestrians and drivers to be more alert.”

The base configuration of the solution includes a pedestrian crossing sign with a push-button activated flasher, IoT connectivity, a knockdown detector, Glance remote monitoring and connection to the TravelSafely smartphone app.

After the PCSS is activated, the TravelSafely app notifies drivers that pedestrians are in the crosswalk ahead.

The app also alerts the pedestrians if the PCSS radar identifies any vehicle approaching the crosswalk at an unsafe speed.

The Pedestrian Crossing Safety System can be configured with message sign and radar-based driver feedback. In addition, the system can also connect to multiple units to support deployment at key crossings and roads.

The new solution is launched as part of the Glance Smart City Supervisory System suite of products. It allows cities to manage all traffic and intelligent transportation systems on one web-based application.

In February, Applied Information started testing Cellular Vehicle to Everything (C-V2X) technology on certain public roads in Georgia, the US.