Applied Intuition has launched a new autonomous vehicle development platform optimised on Microsoft Azure.

Applied Development Platform will enable companies developing autonomous vehicles to exchange information, simulations, drive logs and analytics across their organisation.

Microsoft Azure is a public Cloud-enabled computing platform. It offers a range of Cloud services, including those for computing, analytics, storage and networking.

Applied Intuition CEO Qasar Younis said: “At Applied, we are excited to provide the industry with a simulation and infrastructure solution that is highly scalable. By leveraging Microsoft Azure, we are able to scale our solution efficiently for the AV and automotive ecosystems as end-to-end provider.”

Applied Intuition’s collaboration with Microsoft comes at a time when increasing numbers of autonomous vehicle developers are turning to Cloud computing.

Microsoft Autonomous Driving Solutions partner director Jurgen Willis said: “Simulation is key to build safe, sustainable and scalable autonomous driving solutions.

“By leveraging Azure’s cloud and edge capabilities, Applied Intuition helps businesses across the globe to accelerate their development of autonomous driving functions and reduce the time to market tremendously.”

Applied Intuition offers simulation and infrastructure platforms for autonomous vehicle development. It provides engineering and product development teams with software that makes it quicker and simpler to bring autonomous vehicles to the market.

Very recently, BlackBerry and Jaguar Land Rover extended their partnership to develop autonomous vehicles using machine learning and AI technologies.

Last month, Chinese autonomous driving start-up partnered with Japanese automaker Toyota to accelerate the development and deployment of autonomous vehicles.