TomTom Telematics has received a contract to provide systems to reduce CO2 emissions across Arriva’s bus network in Europe.

Under the contract, TomTom Telematics will install systems on up to 15,000 buses across the UK and nine countries in Mainland Europe.  TomTom Telematics was recently acquired by Bridgestone.

Alongside helping to improve air quality in congested towns and cities, the new technology is expected to enable Arriva to cut fuel use from its bus operations by up to 6% every year.

The UK-based transportation company believes that using advanced driving techniques will help cut CO2 emissions by up to 72,000t per annum, which equal to the greenhouse gases emitted by 15,000 cars over an entire year.

Arriva Group Transformation director Jo Humphries said: “This investment in TomTom Telematics is an investment in our drivers. Every second of every journey, our 32,000 drivers have to make the right decisions to take passengers safely from pick-up to destination.

“When supported by regular coaching and training, our drivers will be equipped to drive the best they can. In doing so they can provide even safer and more comfortable journeys for passengers and reduce fuel usage to deliver substantive reductions in CO2 emissions.”

Under the contract, TomTom Telematics will install the technology on Arriva’s bus fleet in Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, the Netherlands and the UK.

Arriva’s businesses in Denmark, Portugal, Serbia, and Sweden have already deployed telematics on their buses.

In addition, Arriva is responsible for Deutsche Bahn’s regional passenger transport services outside of Germany.