Qatar’s public works authority Ashghal has opened a new uni-directional tunnel with one lane at Gharrafat Al Rayyan Interchange on Al Luqta Street.

The new 1km tunnel forms part of the Dukhan Highway East project. It intended to help direct free-flow connectivity from Gharrafat Al Rayyan to Doha.

Nearly 2,000 vehicles an hour can move through the new tunnel. As a result, travellers will also benefit from a 30% reduction in travel time.

Recently, Ashghal opened a 3km section of the main carriageway that includes four lanes in each direction along Al Luqta Street from west of Tilted Intersection until after Gharrfat Al Rayyan Interchange.

“Nearly 2,000 vehicles an hour can move through the new tunnel.”

Along with the main carriageway, around 3km of parallel service roads have been constructed with two lanes in each direction.

It is intended to will offer easier connectivity to key stakeholders such as the Qatar Foundation, Sidra Medical and Research Centre and Qatar National Convention Centre.

Ashghal said that the agency has completed 75% of construction work on Dukhan Highway East project and is likely to conclude it in the third quarter of next year.

The project is expected to provide 11.6km of dual carriageway with four lanes in each direction, replacing a three-lane road.

The new stretch will include seven interchanges, service roads, and auxiliary lanes, as well as sections of the road and cycle, pedestrian and camel lane on the south side of Al luqta Street.