Transportation security solutions provider Autocrypt is set to lead Korean Expressway Corporation’s (KEC) V2X security credential management system (SCMS) project.

The company will provide production-grade SCMS for KEC. Earlier this year, KEC planned for a national V2X security authentication system.

The implementation of SCMS is necessary for a connected car environment as information and data is shared by vehicles with all the transportation environment elements such as traffic infrastructure and other vehicles.

This data is shared through Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) communication.

SCMS by Autocrypt is expected to ensure that authentic and enrolled devices participate in communications to avoid attempts of infiltration of the V2X communication messages.

Autocrypt is the first company in the Asia-Pacific region to have developed a V2X SCMS that complies with the standards. It has also tested and verified the interoperability of the system with global device vendors.

Autocrypt CEO Daniel Kim said: “Security is the cornerstone of smart mobility because no amount of risk should be permissible when it comes to driver, passenger, and pedestrian safety.

“Therefore, we are very honoured to be heading this project for KEC, and do not take the responsibility lightly when it comes to securing V2X communications. We hope that other smart road projects worldwide will follow suit and implement comprehensive, end-to-end full stack security solutions as well.”

In 2018, BlackBerry introduced its SCMS aimed at speeding up the development of smart cities and autonomous vehicles.

According to BlackBerry, SCMS will provide the required mechanism for vehicles and infrastructure so that information can be shared securely using digital certificates.