The Canadian Government has announced an investment of C$2.75bn ($2.1bn) over five years to electrify transport systems across the country.

The money will be used to enhance transport systems and switch them to cleaner electrical power, including supporting the purchase of zero-emission public transport and school buses.

The funding is part of an eight-year C$14.9bn ($11.7bn) public transport investment, which was announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Minister of Infrastructure and Communities Catherine McKenna said: “Better public transport, cleaner air, quieter streets and a planet safe for our kids – that’s the goal of our investment in zero-emission buses across Canada.

“By making this investment, we’re tackling climate change while creating good jobs and supporting manufacturing right now, here at home. Canada’s infrastructure plan will invest in thousands of projects, create jobs across the country and build cleaner, more inclusive communities.”

The new investment in zero-emission transport would help people travel more quickly, cleanly and cheaply, as well as ensuring cleaner air, creating jobs and supporting Canadian manufacturing.

The investment will help local authorities, transport authorities and school boards with transition planning.

Infrastructure Canada said that it will coordinate between this investment and the Canada Infrastructure Bank commitment to investing C$1.5bn ($1.1bn) in zero-emission buses and associated infrastructure as part of its three-year growth plan.

Canada Infrastructure Bank CEO Ehren Cory said: “As part of its C$10bn Growth Plan, the Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB) is committed to investing $1.5bn in zero-emission buses. We will help create jobs, reduce greenhouse gases and make commutes cleaner. This will contribute to the quality of life in communities.

“Today’s announcement of new government funding complements the CIB’s innovative financing and accelerates the opportunity for local authorities to collaborate with us and switch to zero-emission buses.”

Infrastructure Canada’s funding programmes have so far supported the purchase of more than 300 new zero-emission buses in cities across the country.