The Government of Canada has decided to invest C$45.8m ($35.8m) to improve road infrastructure in the City of Montréal.

The investment, announced by Canadian Minister of Transport Marc Garneau, will be utilised to upgrade road network adjacent to the Port of Montréal.

As well as enhancing the fluidity and efficiency of the road network in the region, the project is expected to strengthen local businesses and enable faster transportation of local goods to the regional markets.

Garneau said: “Our government is investing in Canada’s economy by making improvements to our trade and transportation corridors.

“We are supporting projects that will efficiently move commercial goods to market and people to their destinations, stimulate economic growth, create quality middle-class jobs, and ensure that Canada’s transportation networks remain competitive and efficient.”

The road project will provide direct connectivity between the Port of Montreal and highway reducing traffic congestion on the Notre-Dame Street.

“Our government is investing in Canada’s economy by making improvements to our trade and transportation corridors.”

The scope of work also includes extending De l’Assomption Boulevard between Notre-Dame and Pierre-de-Coubertin streets, which will link a new road at the port exit to the upcoming Souligny Avenue extension.

Overall, the project is expected to create nearly 460 jobs during the construction period.

Member of Parliament for Ville-Marie – Le Sud-Ouest – Île-des-Soeurs Marc Miller said: “Transportation and distribution of goods are essential to our local, regional and national economies.

“The investment announced here today will make our transportation system stronger by addressing urgent capacity constraints at the Port of Montréal and fostering long-term prosperity for our community.”

The government is currently supporting various infrastructure projects that will facilitate movement of goods or people, support economic activity, eliminate transportation bottlenecks and assist the transportation system to minimise the effects of climate change.